Enhance your businesses calling, meetings and messaging tools with applications that provide valuable insights, intuitive experiences, and cutting-edge compliance, elevating your business communications.

Applications are the final piece of the puzzle that provide you with additional, important functionality and features that complement your collaboration tools.


  • Reach your Employees with Workplace experiences wherever they are

    Manage spaces, share important information, announcements or advertisements to keep your guests and teams informed and aligned.

  • Industry Leading Compliance and Artificial Intelligence

    Elevated customer experiences with market-leading, cloud-based voice recording, AI and transcription, either cloud-native or on-prem.

  • Best-in-class Analytics

    Enable your business to work smarter, collaborate and perform better across your voice, video, messaging and conferencing platforms - regardless of vendor.

  • Capture hands-free, real-time video and images from frontline workers

    Bridge the gap between remote and the field with headsets that provide real-time live video feeds to empower your field workers to interact with the rest of your business in new ways.

  • Simplified Provisioning of moves, adds and changes

    Simplify and reduce the time required to setup and configure new users with cloud native software that can integrate into API driven platforms for complete automation.

  • Emergency Mass Notifications

    Reach users across all of their devices and channels with in emergency scenarios to ensure that everyone is informed and kept to date whether it be safety concerns, building lockdowns or any other scenario.


  • A world class workplace experience

    Provide a safe and welcoming environment for employees and guests, deliver company messages and simplify booking with workplace and space communications that elevate the experience of both workers and guests.

  • Deploy assured business compliance and AI with ease

    Cloud based, industry compliant call recording and AI provide peace of mind that any recordings are completely secure. Leverage the additional benefits of providing searchability as well as actionable insights into sentiment and emotion.

  • Improved performance and increased productivity

    Increase the output across the whole Collaboration stack with employee calling, meetings and messaging analytics that are provided within the context of your organisations needs, to allow you to take action on the patterns and changes in the data to make improvements.

  • Fully connected field and office workers

    Provide a full high quality connection between front line and office workers with fully rugged head-mounted computers that enable completely hands-free remote mentor video calling, document navigation and much more.

  • Reduce new user provisioning by over 50%

    Streamline the process of repetitive moves, adds and changes to free up time for your teams with powerful provisioning tools or integrate directly into your other business applications for auto-on and off-boarding to create a fully automated administration workflow.

Technology Portfolio
  • Info on screen in office

    Workplace and Space Communications

    Provide an outstanding experience for your teams and visitors by safely keeping them connected and informed during every interaction with your office spaces. Optimise the return on investment from your shared space display screens by transforming them into proactive digital signage. Share important information, announcements or advertisements to keep your guests and teams informed and aligned.

  • Workers with headsets on laptops

    Cloud Call Recording and AI

    Take your customer experience to the next level with market-leading, cloud-based voice recording. Leverage AI and transcription to help you understand your customers in new ways and
    improve your business relationships. Regardless of whether you support a Microsoft or a Cisco environment, you can take advantage of flexible API-based architecture that puts you and your users in control of your recorded data and provisioning to simplify your management while streamlining your setup process, saving you precious time.

  • Worker on tablet

    Workplace Analytics

    Transform the way that you work, collaborate and perform across your voice, video, messaging and conferencing platforms. By leveraging best-in-class analytics software that captures patterns and changes in the data generated by your platforms, you can improve performance and increase productivity. Whether you prefer Cisco, Microsoft or use both platforms; you can reap the benefits of reports and dashboards that provide valuable insights on how employees are interacting, how engaged they are and the devices they use, all within the context of your own organisation.

  • Worker on laptop

    Collaboration Provisioning Software

    Reduce the amount of time that your teams waste on moves, adds and changes and allow them to focus on delivering positive outcomes for your business. Utilise the power of provisioning management software that uses cloud management and automation to reduce new user provisioning by over 50%. Plus, integrate with API driven platforms such as ServiceNow for even more streamlined auto-on and off-boarding to create a fully automated administration workflow.

  • People on phones

    Emergency Notification System

    Grab the attention of your people quickly with powerful mass-notification tools that reach them across all of their devices and channels. Deliver crucial information and notifications in the event of an emergency, whether it be severe weather, medical concerns, building lockdowns or any other scenario where safety is paramount. Leverage integrations with your key workflows via API’s to further streamline automatic notifications.

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