Successful teamwork relies on consistent communication; work and projects are constantly evolving in a way that can only be supported by instant collaboration, which Email just doesn’t deliver.

Messaging applications offer a powerful hub for multiple ongoing conversations with one or many participants, in one place.

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What is Messaging?

Messaging tools save you the precious time spent sifting through multiple long email chains, with the added benefits of powerful file sharing and whiteboarding to bring collaboration with your teams to life in ways that are more streamlined and organised. Regardless of whether you’re on the move or in the office, sharing GIFs or the latest updated business proposal; get instant access to the people, answers or content that you need, when you need it.

Take your teams’ productivity to the next level with leading innovation through powerful applications and integrations. From intelligent chatbots that make business functions available 24/7, to automated business assurance that deliver all your critical business alerts and notifications into a single place. With native API integration, the possibilities are nearly endless, allowing your developers to create functionality to support your users and business goals.


  • A Space for Every Type of Work

    Whether you need to keep in sync with the project team in between meetings or you’re just looking to touch base and socialise – create spaces to meet the needs of your business so that everyone knows where to go to discuss what’s important to them.

  • Industry-Leading Security

    Have full peace of mind that every message and shared piece of content is fully secured by industry-leading, award-winning encryption.

  • Powerful Productivity Tools

    Integrated calling and meetings functionality provide you with a comprehensive set of collaboration tools, guaranteeing that the right tool is never more than a click away. Add to this a diverse array of native third-party integrations from Microsoft365, Salesforce, ServiceNow and many more.


  • Cut Down on Email Clutter

    Empower your teams to communicate on the go to improve your response time and keep the conversation going after your meetings finish.

  • Utilise Innovation and Automation

    Leverage the power of an ever-growing library of applications and integrations purpose built to save time, money, and resources.

  • Communicate Across Different Vendor Applications

    Take advantage of cross-vendor chat, with interoperability bringing together Cisco, Microsoft, Slack and more to remove internal or external barriers.

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    Persistent Cloud Messaging

    Persistent Cloud Messaging is the most powerful solution for team collaboration on the market, providing you with a single place for all of your messaging, file sharing, and whiteboarding with the option of best-in-class calling and meetings functionality rolled into one app.

    Packs in intelligent features like Smart Status and AI highlights of important messages provide you with an application that takes your productivity to the next level and helps you work smarter. You’re also able to escalate your conversations to high-quality audio or video call and even a multi-person meeting at the push of a button, making it more than just a chat application.

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