Offer your customers an improved experience whilst meeting the demand of your business leaders for cost reduction and operational efficiency by harnessing the power of automation and self-service technology.

From voice or messaging bots that can answer customer queries day and night to automatic quality assessment and knowledge tools that put information in the hands of your agents, the right automation strategy executed in the correct way will improve the services you provide to your customers, whilst ensuring your contact centre operates in a more efficient manner, getting more from the resources you have available.


  • Improved Customer Experience

    Provide your customers with the automated self-service they require to access key information from your business, 24 hours a day. Improving their experience and increasing the likelihood that they will continue to do business with you.

  • Increased Efficiency

    Capture key customer information ahead of time and automate agent processes, limiting the amount of time your agents spend on routine questions, reducing overall call time and optimising the efficiency of your contact centre. Reducing your overheads and ensuring your resources are being utilised in the most efficient way.

  • Consistency

    Analyse each interaction with your customers and implement automation to ensure a stable and reliable level of service across your entire contact centre, improving your customer satisfaction and reducing time to resolution.

Technology Portfolio
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    Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Self Service IVR

    Enable simple to use, rich voice experiences for your customers using the latest Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology from Natilik. By enabling NLU within your contact centre you can seamlessly navigate your customers to the specialist that they need to speak to or the information they require first and every time. Increasing the efficiency of your contact centre by minimising the number of calls bouncing between multiple agents.

    Quickly and efficiently make amendments to your NLU Self Service IVR through easy to navigate browser-based user interfaces and provide your customers with 24-hour support. Work with Natilik to utilise automation to provide out of hours support through your IVR, eliminating the need for agent to customer contact, cutting call costs and optimising your workforce.

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    Utilise the power of bots to provide your customers with the answers they require in real-time, anywhere at any time to enhance your customer experience and improve customer satisfaction. Work with the Natilik team to apply bots across all your messaging channels including WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and WebChat, eliminating the need for your agents to answer routine questions and allowing them to concentrate on the calls that will have the biggest impact to your business.

    In addition to customer facing bots, drive efficiency amongst your teams by applying automation to your agent desktop. Help capture key information without the need for your agents to make post call notes or perform repetitive tasks, vastly reducing the time to resolution across your business.

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    Automated Quality Management (AQM)

    Contact Centres typically assess a proportion of customer contact to review agent performance, drive improvement and review customer behaviour. Imagine if it was possible to have visibility across all interactions and highlight specific calls that should be reviewed in more detail. AQM enables you to automate the review of all interactions, quickly identifying cases where compliance may not have been followed or where customer sentiment is low. So, your quality managers can both get a view of performance across all calls and focus their limited resources to drive improvement where it matters most.

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    Knowledge Management

    Improve the efficiency of your agents by centralising your knowledge base into one single, easy to navigate source. A well planned and structured knowledge base helps your agents to find information and provide an exceptional service to your clients quickly and efficiently. By utilising APIs, you can even ensure that the information pops up in your agent window based on what has been said to the IVR.

    Empower your customers to self-serve by integrating your centralised knowledge base with your website, bots and IVR services providing a single, centralised, maintainable knowledge repository for all your key information.

    The quicker your customers can access the information they require without having to engage with an agent, the better their experience.

  • Automated Notifications

    Easily implement actionable notifications to reduce the workload on your agents and keep your customers up to date on their interactions with your business. Not only automated notifications can be used to confirm order details, provide status updates, or send appointment reminders, they also enable complex workloads to be processed more easily with the use of bots and self-service options. These notifications can be sent to customers via apps, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. without the need for human intervention, resulting in faster resolution times and improved efficiency. Providing your customers with timely and relevant information will enhance their overall experience and help build trust and loyalty with your brand.

  • Desktop Automation

    Make your agents’ lives easier by automating repetitive tasks such as sending confirmation emails to clients and provide them with a screen popping solution to have pertinent customer information automatically displayed on their desktop screen as soon as a call comes in, allowing them to provide a personalised experience right from the start. Desktop automation not only saves time and increases your agent productivity and performance, it also reduces the likelihood of errors and mistakes that can occur with manual processes.

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Why Natilik?

Choose to partner with Natilik and you will benefit from a team that understands automation. With an in-house development team that have created a range of exclusive automation tools across the whole of our technology estate, the Natilik team knows that to get the best out of an automation tool it is not just the case of plug and play. Natilik will work with you through every stage of the solution design and development to ensure you continue to get value from your investment and that it meets your business goals, now and in the future.

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