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What is Omni-Channel Customer Service?

Your customers expect one connected digital experience when engaging with your business, regardless of their preferred communication channel. Omni-channel customer service from Natilik will allow you to route your customer interactions based on pre-defined business rules that are mapped back to your business objectives. You can utilise your customer context data to gain deeper insights into previous interactions, so you can deliver a single, interconnected experience that keeps your customers coming back.


  • Intelligent Routing

    Align your contact routing with your business objectives and empower your agents with the skills that work in harmony with routing rules configured and managed by you. This gives you complete control to route calls based on service level, training, or customer experience requirements to optimise your business growth and ensure your customers receive the best possible service.

  • Digital Channels

    Work with Natilik so you can simply switch on new digital channels as and when you see the demand from your customers. Your customers’ chosen channels can all be serviced through the same agent interface, ensuring your agents can continue to provide exceptional customer service, without costly additional support and training. Plus, with consolidated reporting and workforce management you will have complete visibility across all communication channels; allowing you to make informed decisions on the fly.

  • Customer Context

    By integrating your knowledge management, Customer Relationship Management system and analytics tools, you can provide your agents with the context they require to deliver a consistent and outstanding experience to your customers. Empower your team with the insights and context they need to deliver an exceptional experience first and every time. With access to transcripts of previous online chats and calls, visibility of emails and physical letters and even record branch visits all possible depending on your business goals, your agents are more productive and efficient. By working with Natilik, more calls can be resolved at the first touch, saving you money and boosting your reputation.

  • Proactive Outbound

    Your customers don’t expect to have to contact you for key events like renewals or sales follow-ups. Utilise feature rich pro-active contact solutions to reach your customers through their preferred channel to maximise their experience interacting with your business. With advanced predictive algorithms you can proactively ensure you are contacting your customers at the right time, utilising agent blending across inbound and outbound channels to ensure optimal resource efficiency is achieved.


  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Streamline the day-to-day operations of your contact centre by providing your agents with a full 360-degree view of all prior customer interaction with your organisation, so they can deliver a smooth and efficient service to your customers.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Differentiate your business and exceed your customers’ expectations by listening to the needs of your customers and enabling new channels ahead of your competition. By listening to your customers’ needs and putting them in control of the channels they choose to contact you through, you can not only ensure the success of your improved digital strategy but guarantee that your customers will keep coming back.

  • Customer Retention

    Build long-term relationships with your customers and enhance your recurring revenues by delivering a proactive and well-informed service that showcases how much you value their time and business and ensures they don’t look to your competitors in the future.

Why Natilik?

Whether you require implementation of sophisticated contact routing strategies, enablement of new digital channels, or consolidation of customer context onto the agent desktop, Natilik’s contact centre experts will utilise a wealth of skills and knowledge to help your business excel ahead of the competition.

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