Within an ever-changing world, your business needs to stay competitive and react, adapt, normalise, and thrive faster than ever.

Enterprise Assistants, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation can shape how your business communicates amongst your teams, with your data, to your customers and across your infrastructure. By utilising Enterprise Assistants your teams could benefit from improved productivity, quicker access to data, scalability from automated self-service features and better user experiences. For an age when the answers were needed yesterday, equip your teams with the tools they need to excel.


What are Enterprise Assistants?

A bot is created from a scripted piece of code that sits within an application or software to interact when a prompt is triggered. Enterprise Assistants can interact with your teams and across applications, networks, and systems. A chain of commands is created to perform actions automatically that replace often repetitive manual tasks, giving your teams their time back, saving you money and resources. Typically, Enterprise Assistants are set up to help with information recall or implementing pre-defined actions or processes to speed up your business deployment and delivery.


  • Increased Functionality

    Enterprise Assistants allow your teams to utilise new functionality within applications they already know and love, removing any barriers to adoption or training. Re-energise your technology stack with new features and functionality brought to life via bot integrations.

  • Always on Access

    Enterprise Assistants never sleep. Give your teams 24-7 access to the bot services and enable real-time alerts, so your business never misses a beat. Allowing you to take action quickly whenever or wherever you are.

  • Speed to Data

    Flipping between applications back and forth can be time consuming, repetitive, and boring. By utilising Enterprise Assistants, you are gifting your teams with speed and the ability to recall or access data across multiple systems and applications automatically. Bringing systems and applications together holistically will save them time and complexity.

  • Natural Language Programming

    Improve your users experience with natural language chatbots, that you can develop and train to understand the types of requests your customer may have, enabling the bot to give a more seamless experience. Able to replicate conversations and predict intent based on context, a natural language bot can offer your users a more intuitive experience, saving you time and resources on every interaction.


  • Improved Customer Experience

    Attract and retain customers with natural language chatbots that provide instant answers to common queries and allow self-service of routine account changes.

  • Rapid Data Access

    Enterprise Assistants can give your teams rapid access to data that will enable them to react, adapt and deliver exceptional services to your customers time and time again.

  • Stay Informed of Your Business

    Ensure you are not caught short with Enterprise Assistants that can inform the correct person or team through automated alerts from your environment, systems, applications, or networks. Equipping them to respond rapidly, minimising any downtime or threats to your customer experience.

  • Continuous Return on Your Existing Investment

    Insert new functionality to the applications and collaboration tools your team use daily, breathing new life into your existing technology investment and adding greater business value.

  • Save Time and Resources

    Increase your operational efficiency by enabling business functions to be accessible and available 24/7. Stopping data requests from being held up in approval siloes or buried in your list of requests. Giving your teams access to information and services at the click of a button to help them access files and data on the move, wherever and whenever they need it.

Technology Portfolio
  • Large presentation screen

    People Productivity

    When working within your office spaces, you can utilise Enterprise Assistants alongside your business data and location services to deliver wayfinding routes, logical room bookings and visitor information. Saving everyone time when carrying out daily tasks such as searching for safe available meeting room space.

  • Laptop

    Self Service

    Enterprise Assistants that are built for users, automating repetitive tasks, and allowing your teams to self-serve on the go. Gain quick access to things such as password resets, holiday enquiries, directory lookup, client information and much more.

  • Chatbot on laptop

    Client Experience

    Utilise Enterprise Assistants to engage with and service your customers on your website or platforms with zero touch from your team. Creating fast and effective digital journeys that ensure your customers have a well-informed seamless interaction, creating positive experiences that lead to loyal customers that return to do business with you time and time again.

  • Workers in open plan office

    Natilik Managed Service Bot

    As part of your Natilik manage service, you can engage with your Natilik support teams via chat, as well as using the custom-built bot functionality for self-service and ticket management. Accelerating the speed to resolution for any of your issues or enquiries.

Natilik team at event
Why Natilik for Enterprise Assistants?

With advanced DevNet specialisation, Natilik’s dedicated in house DevOps team ideate, create, and innovate the latest bot developments to help solve your business challenges. The team have created a series of Enterprise Assistants based on real world challenges that are powered by industry leading tools and best practice approaches. Saving you time, money and resources and improving the user experience.

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