As your business and your clients embrace the use and adoption of cloud services, applications and infrastructure, it is important to build resilient networks that can support this change. A cloud network will accelerate your time-to-market and be able to scale at the speed you need to deliver on your business promises.

At Natilik we understand the need to simplify multi-cloud environments whilst connecting everything and everyone, ensuring your users and data are protected without fail. Cloud networking enables your business to consume cloud computing infrastructure, software and platforms by connecting them all together and forming part of your secure network. With expert knowledge and proven capability, Natilik can help your business realise the benefits of connecting to the cloud and how successful adoption can support your business outcomes and growth strategies.

What is Cloud Networking?

Whatever stage you are at in your migration journey to the cloud, Natilik well help you navigate the best networking designs to help you build a flexible and agile solution that will grow with your business needs, be it embracing private, public or hybrid clouds.

Securing your cloud and traditional networks requires best in class robust solutions that can protect your data, applications, user identities and connectivity. Any solution that you implement needs to be able to grow at the same speed as your business, without being over cumbersome for your teams to manage or disjointed so that you risk losing visibility and being vulnerable to threats.


  • Secure Connections

    With hyper distributed workforces, cloud networking drives agility and regional expansion with the built-in assurance that your teams and business are securely protected no matter in what direction the business grows.

  • Access to Cloud Infrastructure

    Open up your business consumption options with access to ‘as a service’ (aaS) offerings and flexible buying models. Allow your business to test and experience new technologies, platforms and industry leading tools that will empower your development teams and give life to innovation opportunities.

  • Centralised Management

    Your teams can manage your cloud networks and the security that protects them centrally via web-based platforms that are simple to access and navigate.

  • Proactive Security

    Cloud security is powered by world leading cyber security operations that proactively update and alert you of new and emerging threats from around the globe to protect your business - instantly. Extend the capabilities of your security team with best in class solutions built to cover your users end-to-end journeys.


  • Exceptional Business Performance

    Rapid access to cloud-based software that is critical to business processes and functions helps your teams react, adapt, and deliver exceptional services to your clients, time and time again.

  • Consumption Model Flexibility

    Robust and secure network connections to the cloud opens up the opportunities for your business to consume cost effective services with pay-as-you-go models. Enabling you to balance OpEx and CapEx spend.

  • Increased Mobility

    A strong and secure cloud network allows mobile access to your business data via smartphones and devices, whenever and wherever your teams are based. Allowing your teams the flexibility to travel or work remotely, supporting their work life balance.

  • Keeping Your Business Compliant and Secure

    Powered by the best in the industry cyber security threat hunting teams, claim your IT teams precious time back as the latest information and updates are pushed straight to your cloud security solution. Protecting your teams and business every second of every day, with an always on approach.

Technology Portfolio
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    Cloud Network Security

    As the edge of your network increases into the cloud at rapid speed, keeping the access to that edge secure is paramount. Combining cloud native security delivered as a service with your network, enables you to reduce complexity, improve speed and uncover contextual analytics to inform your business strategy.

    Be confident your teams are safe by being able to detect threats and respond to them quickly with Cisco Stealthwatch protecting your critical data as it moves across your network and cloud networks. Expand your security portfolio with best in class solutions that holistically integrate together in one simple platform, creating an easy to manage single pane of glass for your security teams.

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    Network Visibility

    Visibility of your data journeys, internally and externally from your networks helps drive business optimisation and deliver exceptional experiences for your teams and clients.

    Powered by ThousandEyes, AppDynamics, Cisco and Natilik, you can gain full end to end visibility across your applications, data centre, network, and the public cloud. So you are able to identify and remediate issues, bottle necks, and streamline your network to deliver business excellence every time. Bring to life your network telemetry and provide insight into business usage and utilisation trends to help shape your business trajectory and growth plans.

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    Cloud Managed Wireless

    With dependable cloud connections and simple dashboards for rapid configuration, you will benefit from real time analytics to inform your business decisions and deliver consistent experiences for your teams.

    Let the Natilik team take you on the journey to the cloud, starting with wireless surveys and assessments, delivered by world class engineers. They will then propose a robust cloud managed wireless solution that integrates with and works in harmony with your other networks. Built with a range of features including Wi-Fi 6 readiness, cloud management, outdoor industrial robustness or out the box simplicity, Cisco and Meraki cover all your wireless access point needs with a large range including; Aironet, Meraki, Cisco Business and Catalyst APs.

Why Natilik for cloud networking?

As a Gold Cisco partner and award-winning networking specialist, Natilik will work with you to design, deploy, and develop cloud network infrastructure that is built with scale and innovation in mind. Constantly working with you hand in hand to ensure your cloud network continues to support your consumption of cloud services, applications and infrastructure.

Partnering Together
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