With the rise of connected devices growing exponentially, Natilik will help you design and deliver a network that supports their use. Making sure that your edge is fully visible, secure, and optimised to propel your business forward.

Working on bringing the worlds of information and operational technology together, Natilik understands the challenges of extending your network beyond the traditional space and into the real world and will ensure you are equipped to meet them head on.

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things, this term includes every device, machine, sensor, camera, robot, or even light that is in some way connected to a network and can be controlled via a centralised location. All these connected things make up the ‘edge’ of the network, the extremities that your business connects to.

These ‘Things’ can be located anywhere, and the infrastructure that is needed to keep them connected to the network needs to be robust and reliable in sometimes extreme conditions. That is why the elements that create your businesses ‘industrial network’ have different features and functionality to serve the requirements of IoT.


  • Rugged Construction

    Choose the right elements to withstand your challenging physical environments with a range of purpose-built infrastructure components that are designed to take on and withstand the elements.

  • Integrated Security

    Keep your edge secure with integrated network security solutions that help your IT teams gain valuable insights into traffic flows and activity at your perimeter.

  • Data Control and Exchange

    Simplify the journey between your edge and multi-cloud data flow with secure extraction, transforming the delivery of data to your critical applications.

  • Deployment Speed

    With zero touch configuration deployments, apply best practice to your business at speed as your IoT edge grows with your business needs.


  • Exceptional Business Performance

    Rapid access to data in real time helps your teams know what is happening on the ground so they can react, adapt and continue to deliver the services needed to keep your business moving. Feel the benefits within your business by reducing downtime and operational costs by managing the network remotely.

  • Operational Resiliency

    Your business operates in variety of challenging and often demanding physical environments. Improve work safety for your teams by limiting the employees required on the ground to maintain and replace network components. You can trust in the robust and resilient design and construction of your IoT network with the best in class IoT portfolio from Natilik

  • Connecting IT and OT

    Utilise simple and unified dashboards to bring your IT and your Operations teams together with shared insights and visibility across the whole network. Helping drive better business decisions and saving time and money on your joint departmental initiatives.

  • Keeping Your Business Secure

    With built in security functionality, rest assured that your business data is secure and protected when it travels across the network. Removing any worry of a data breach and its associated brand damage and hefty fines.

Technology Portfolio
  • Wireless router

    Industrial (rugged) Networking

    Tested against the harshest environments, rest assured the robust endurance of Natilik’s industrial networking infrastructure can handle the elements to keep your business going. With the state-of-the-art IE ruggedised switches from Cisco along with Connected Grid routers and Infra Red Gateways, you can bring your network to your edge; no matter where it is.

    With embedded IoT options and casing free switches that integrate with your operations, your business will feel the benefits of a holistic network that delivers real time analytics and telemetry to inform your critical business decisions.

    The Natilik team can help start your journey with comprehensive surveys and assessments delivered by world class engineers. Taking your logistical and environmental challenges into consideration, the team will design a robust industrial network solution. Built to integrate and harmonise with your traditional enterprise networks, feel the benefit of gaining complete visibility over your business operations and performance all the way to the edge and back.

  • Construction site

    Field Network Management

    With your edge continually growing, bring to life correlated insights and analytics through simple dashboards for rapid remediation, and network optimisation. Tie your Cisco network together with your wider environment to keep your teams informed, reactive and ahead of the competition with products such as DNA-C, ISE, Cyber Vision and Stealthwatch.

    With optimised network management utilising tools such as Filed Network Director, Industrial Network Director and Gateway Manager, you can empower your teams with information. Enabling them to troubleshoot faster and minimise downtime with contextualised analytics. Save your teams time and headaches by applying automation and best practice configuration centrally, removing the risk of human error.

  • Worker in warehouse

    IoT Security

    As your IoT landscape expands, so does the attack surface you need to defend. Ensure you know how far your edge expands and take advantage of assessments to identify an accurate list of all your assets, communication patterns and network topologies. Bring together both your IT and operational teams in developing security solutions that combine information ensuring business continuity, resilience, and security.

    Rest assured that your business remains compliant to protocols and procedure with accurate security logs and configuration. Along with detailed network segmentation and partitioning, quarantine and minimise any threats or potential breaches.

  • Security camera

    Cameras and Sensors

    Cameras and sensors make up a key building block in many IoT landscapes to monitor your physical environment and often being described as industrial asset vision. Gain real time information on your physical environments across indoor or outdoor locations with a vast range of sensors that can detect temperature, humidity, movement and water. Using Alongside 360 degree wireless cameras, build models to help inform your business of trends and patterns to optimise your operations.

Why Natilik for IoT?

Working with clients from a range of sectors, Natilik understands the challenges you face in designing and deploying a resilient and secure network to incorporate your IoT growth and expanding edge. With award winning global engineers and in-house DevOps, Natilik can work with you to bring innovation and best practice configuration to every IoT device in your environment, driving ROI across both IT and OT from day one.



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