Your network is built to connect your teams to the data, applications, and resources they need quickly, securely, and consistently, so they can excel in their roles.

Benefit from feature rich products and services from Natilik as the team help to build your network from a portfolio of best in class vendors, keeping your business always on and connected, anywhere and anytime.


What is a Network?

In order for your business to be a success, your team need safe and quick access to the data they need and the ability to communicate effectively. A strong, fast network is the foundation your business needs to ensure that all of the elements connect together. Created from different components, primarily switches, routers and wireless access points, your network infrastructure can be physically wired or utilise wireless technology based on what works for your business needs.

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There are Different Types of Networks.

Local Area Networks (LAN) are networks of connected devices and assets such as printers and desktop computers within one location, it can include both wired and wireless devices.

Wide Area Networks (WAN) are a type of network that connects your users, business sites and data centres across multiple locations, the internet can be considered part of your WAN. The physical WAN connectivity can be leased through ethernet VPN, IP connections, lines or satellite connections. Many businesses take a software defined approach to their WAN, creating what is known as SD-WAN.

An Enterprise Network is built for large organisations that have defined business outcomes and specific requirements. The enterprise network is controlled and operated by the business and can be configured, designed, and deployed by network engineers. An enterprise network can be made up of LANs and WANs.


  • Provide Shared Resources

    Network infrastructure allows your teams to gain access to data, applications, hardware, and software, to empower them within their roles and deliver business excellence.

  • Data Sharing

    With a robust network your teams can share data safely and quickly with others from wherever they are based, across their enterprise network, WAN or LAN. Files can be stored on a central file server allowing them to be accessible to everyone when needed.

  • Scalable

    A well-designed network infrastructure allows your teams to add and remove devices and sites with ease and with no disruption to BAU, often automated with best practice configuration already built in.

  • Ease of Management

    Network infrastructure can be managed centrally with holistic visibility across all switches, routers and access points and their performance. This insight allows your business to provision correctly to ensure exceptional experiences for your users and customers.


  • Exceptional business performance

    Rapid access to data helps your teams react, adapt and deliver exceptional services to your customers time and time again.

  • Cost effective sharing of resources

    A network allows multiple users to benefit from access to shared expensive hardware such as printers and scanners, it also allows for software to be installed centrally rather than on every single device.

  • Enabling collaborative communication

    Established network infrastructure facilitates your teams to collaborate between each other and with your customers, suppliers and contacts via email and instant messenger inside and outside of your network with ease.

  • Keeping your business compliant and secure

    With built in security functionality, rest assured that your business data is secure and protected when it travels across the network and remove any worry of a data breach and its associated brand damage and hefty fines.

Technology Portfolio
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    Routing and Switching

    With the latest range of switches and routers, benefit from a flexible and scalable network delivering exceptional and consistent connections and experience for your users, anywhere, regardless of device or access method.

    Combined with routers that connect your teams to the internet, know that you are investing in the best in class infrastructure with integrated security, advanced analytics and automated provisioning, to ensure that your network can respond faster to the needs of your business.

    With Cisco Catalyst and Meraki MS range of switches brought together with a wide range of routers including Cisco Branch ISR’s, Edge NCS and ASR’s as well as industrial, virtual and service provider models, together we can build the optimum network infrastructure to deliver your business outcomes.

    With the right components a scalable and repeatable network is possible that has resiliency at speed built in as a default. Assure your network performance so your business never misses a beat with real time and historical data analytics to best provision your network for growth and opportunity.

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    Network Management

    Enabling every point on your network to become a sensor, bring to life correlated insights and analytics through simple dashboards for rapid remediation, network optimisation and highlighting potential issues or threats to your business. Tie your Cisco network together with your wider environment through innovative API's and integrations, keeping you informed, reactive and ahead of the competition.

    With optimised network management utilising tools such as Cisco DNA Centre and Meraki insights, empower your teams with information. Enable them to troubleshoot faster and minimise downtime of the network by pulling analytics into one place and contextualising it against your business goals. Save your team time and headaches by automating adds, changes and policy provisions through the network management platform and apply best practice configuration as well as removing the possibility of human error.

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    With dependable connections and simple dashboards for rapid configuration, see the benefits from real time analytics to inform your business decisions and deliver consistent experiences for your teams.

    Let the Natilik team take you on the journey starting with wireless surveys and assessments delivered by our world class engineers and propose a robust wireless solution that integrates and works in harmony with your other networks. Working with the Cisco range of access points expand your Wi-Fi coverage across your sites and improve the connection to your network for your teams. Built with a range of features including being Wi-Fi 6 ready, cloud management, outdoor industrial robustness or out the box simplicity, Cisco and Meraki cover all your wireless access point needs with Aironet, Meraki, Cisco Business and Catalyst AP’s.

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Why Natilik for Network Infrastructure?

As a Gold Cisco partner and award winning networking specialist, Natilik work with you to design, deploy and develop network infrastructure that is built with longevity and innovation in mind. Constantly working with you hand in hand to ensure your network infrastructure continues to give you ROI and support your users and business growth. Our in house DevOps team look to make network automation and best practice configuration easy to adopt and our global teams ensure that your network managed services are being looked after 24-7 every day of the year.

Partnering Together
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