The demands on today’s Datacentres is growing exponentially. The explosion of devices and intensive applications have made it almost impossible in many cases for real-time, complex decisions to be made. Here at Natilik, we believe that the key to managing successful Datacentre centres on the ability to scale and forecast its resources, using elastic infrastructure that can be delivered at scale without disrupting workload performance.

Luckily, we are not the only ones who feel this way! Turbonomic, a US-based company with a broad range of cloud and virtualisation software in their portfolio, provide these workloads with the exact resources they need and at the right time, all whilst optimising performance, cost and that real-time compliance.

When you look at a Cisco-powered data centre, the Turbonomic suite, with its dynamic model, is really the secret sauce for how you get everything out of that data centre that you can.

Cloud and virtual environments, although highly dynamic, are extremely complex. In response, Natilik has partnered with Turbonomic to provide a Hybrid Cloud Management Solution to put an end to costly inaccurate sizing and forecasting of future capacity.  Gone are the days where applications run slowly, projects are put on hold and IT teams are overrun with endless unplanned work.

Workloads are growing 26% year over year; IT budgets are growing at 3%

Working in conjunction with Cisco and Turbonomic, we’ve been busy deploying some of the UK’s first Cisco Workload Optimisation Managers. Given the high-pressure demands and the requirement for rapid split-second decision making, the solution reacts immediately to performance issues, adopting a utilisation, demand and supply model that assures application performance at maximum efficiency; delivering maximum value throughout the intrinsic relationship across compute, network, storage, hypervisors and their associated applications.