The client is one of the largest building societies in the United Kingdom with total assets of nearly £50 billion, and almost 2 million members, either as savers or borrowers.


The client team came to Natilik looking for a complete overhaul of their legacy ISDN and PTSN solution. The client was  currently utilising many ISDN channels across two data centres, resulting in various PSTN connections across its 80 locations. This left the client vulnerable to single points of failure, had a high cost and limited the ability to flex capacity as and when demand dictated.


After understanding the clients business requirements and desired outcomes, the team at Natilik proposed and then deployed a centralised Gamma SIP service, which would replace all existing PTSN services at all UK sites. This project came in partnership with a full stack contact centre and collaboration solution, that spanned 3,000 knowledge workers and 500 agents across 80 branch locations in the UK. And therefore, an end-to-end solution encompassing all aspects of the project was essential.


The Natilik solution reduced the number of ISDN channels by 33%, subsequently saving the client £200k per annum. Now, the team can flex telecoms services meet seasonal and long-term demands. By partnering with Natilik, they benefit from consolidated vendor management and a simplified billing system with easily accessible reports that provide visibility of usage to enable efficiencies to be made.