The client is a fuel and bio-fuel supplier to the British market, owning their own oil terminals through to petrol forecourts as well as supplying nearly 25% of all fuel to UK retail suppliers. 

The client’s oil terminals contain vast quantities of substances that can pose dangers to the staff who work onsite. In order to quickly alert their employees of any dangers or threats that occur, Natilik implemented an integrated Cisco and Singlewire solution which sends notifications across SMS, calls and applications. Now, if any incidents occur at any of their oil terminals their employees will be notified of any potential danger, helping keep them safe.


The client owns oil terminals which contain vast quantities of dangerous substances which can pose a threat to the employees who work on site if any incidents occur. The client needed a solution to which would quickly alert all staff to any danger in the event of any chemical spills, problems, or risks.


The Natilik team designed and deployed a solution which was made up of a Singlewire mobile solution integrated with Cisco on-premise Calling. This effective solution provides real time alerts to employees who are on site so that in the event of an incident, regardless of location and device, they will be notified helping to keep them safe.


The client’s terminal workers now receive multiple notifications across SMS, calls and application alerts so that they are quickly alerted in the event of an incident, helping to increase employee safety and keep the oil factory workers at the many oil terminals around the world safe.