The client is a UK based gaming and entertainment business, employing over 3,000 people across the nation. For more than 25 years, they’ve been designing exciting games which delight their customers. This client is focussed on ensuring their games are accessible, allowing their customers to be able to play anywhere, at any time and on any device.


With an extensive contact centre, the team was looking to secure its team in remote and hybrid working environments. Due to the increased business usage of cloud applications such as Office 365, the client needed to find a cloud-native security solution that would provide rapid protection to their 3,000+ flexible workers. Its users needed to have fast and secure connections to applications and data to deliver consistent and exceptional customer service to clients. To ensure that the organisation was secure, the client wanted a solution that would deploy best practice security posture to all users and devices, regardless of where they were located.


Natilik delivered a full Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access security solution that was made up of a security-as-a-service layer as well as a network-as-a-service layer combined to provide the fastest and most comprehensive end-to-end connections for the remote users to access applications, data and services.

The solution is designed with all applications in mind, resulting in flexible security coverage in the cloud, across the internet and in the data centre, helping to create a great experience for users. The client’s IT team now has the confidence that their infrastructure is resilient and provides the always-on protection that is ready before the users need it.


The client now has a solution that supports over 3,000 hybrid workers, enabling them quick and secure access to applications and data from wherever they are working. The new infrastructure has significantly enhanced the experience of accessing SaaS applications, allowing users to enjoy 2-3 times increase in application performance compared to the previous setup. The client’s users can now focus on continuing to deliver exceptional customer experiences to their customers without having any issues accessing their SaaS applications.