The client is a London headquartered leading global financial services group that employs over 4,200 financial services specialists across more than 40 countries around the world. With a 200-year heritage, this values-driven company is committed to making a meaningful difference to its clients, communities, and planet.


As a financial services organisation, compliance is of upmost importance to the client. With a hybrid firewall estate made up of products across numerous different security vendors the team was struggling with visibility of the policies across their security infrastructure. Without this, if audited, they would be unable to meet the compliance obligations that were required and wouldn’t be able to evidence clean,
clear firewall policy. It also compromised the security of their technology estate they didn’t have the visibility required to understand the health of their estate and ensure there weren’t vulnerabilities in the policy. To meet the compliance requirements of NIST, DORA and CIS Benchmarks & Standards, the team needed visibility of all firewalls policies under one single pane of glass.

  • Compliance

    As a financial services company the client is expected to comply with a variety of comprehensive compliance requirements. Its current technology setup was making this challenging and time consuming for its team to do so.

  • Visibility

    With a range of products from a multitude of different security vendors, the client struggled to get the visibility needed to complete its compliance requirements across the entire estate.


Firewall Analyzer from AlgoSec, delivered by Natilik, provides the client with visibility across its entire network security topology, allowing the client to identify all business applications on its network and what security policy rules are in place, along with change history record. This allows the client to have a complete view of all firewall policies regardless of the make, model, or vendor, helping to identify any risky rules and the assets they expose. The team can also uncover and remediate any unused, duplicate, overlapping or expired rules, which will help improve the overall security posture of its estate and reduce the attack surface.

AppViz was also included as part of the solution, allowing the client to visualise and analyse all applications on its network. Through a single pane of glass, the team can see all applications
across their network, use application network connectivity mapping to accelerate troubleshooting and quickly review firewall rules by being able to automatically associate the business applications that each firewall rule supports. It also enabled the team to avoid any unnecessary business application
disruption as the impact of any network changes can be understood before they are made.

The client has a dedicated on-site engineer one day a week to offer support and ensure the smooth running and management of its solution.


The client now has complete visibility of all the security policies across its estate under a simple, easy to manage interface. They can easily access compliance reports, which has reduced the costs and
time required to prepare for any audits and meet stringent industry compliance requirements.

With the help of Natilik and AlgoSec, the team have access to a platform that monitors all its firewalls and shows the real-time health of the estate. Now, the client can avoid any security device misconfigurations, helping to reduce any potential outages and minimise the attack surface by easily identifying any risky rules and the exposed assets. Being able to automate its network security change
management process has given the team valuable time back that they can re-align to other business-critical projects.

The client has a simplified, unified security management solution across its heterogeneous network environment that has the visibility and control required to ensure it can easily be secure and consistently

  • Compliance

    Having complete visibility of the security policies across the entire estate has helped to meet its compliance requirements. The team can now easily pull network-wide reports that help them
    quickly prepare for any audits.

  • Operational efficiency

    The team have valuable time back as they can quickly and easily download audit-ready reports and automate their network security change management process.