Launched in 2010, the client is a fashion-forward jewellery brand that has stores in over 30 countries worldwide. Inspired by the latest couture runways and street styles, the retailer provides customers with on-trend fashion jewellery at ready-to-wear prices.


The client’s success meant the business was growing exponentially, with new stores frequently opening in different countries and regions globally. This explosive growth was causing challenges for the IT team trying to keep up with the speed of the retailer’s expansion and the rollout of the network infrastructure required to support the new stores.

The team also faced a global AP shortage, making it harder for the client’s IT team to source the kit needed to support the opening of the new stores.


The retailer engaged with Natilik as they were looking for a partner that could provide a global solution that would help overcome the growth challenges and address the legacy, mismatched infrastructure of their existing estate. Seeking to understand the current and projected scale of the network, the Natilik experts spent time with the client’s team to map out the growth expectations; whilst taking stock of the current Meraki infrastructure.

The proposed device for each store was the Meraki MX68CW, which would provide a reliable Wi-Fi internet connection and a cellular gateway as a backup in case the wireless ever failed. This resiliency was vital as the retail stores rely on the network for the tills and would be unable to operate if connectivity was lost.

Licence improvements were also achieved by combining everything into a Meraki Enterprise Agreement, which would provide better pricing and a lower TCO with more control usage of licences. This solution was overlaid with Cisco Capital to spread the upfront cost of purchasing hardware in bulk locked in at a 0% interest rate.


The client now has the IT capacity to keep up with the opening of new stores, no matter where they are. The Enterprise Agreement has enabled cost control and greater visibility of the network estate and licences, making it easier for the retailer’s team to manage. Standardised devices across the stores have simplified deployment and ongoing management, saving time for the team so they can keep up with the rapid expansion of the business.

The success of Natilik’s implementation of a global network solution has led to a potential security opportunity, which would see the client flip to an Advanced Security Enterprise Agreement.