The client is a leading global private equity advisory firm that has been operating for 50+ years. Headquartered in London, the firm’s 400+ people are located there or in one of six other global offices in New York, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Munich and Shanghai. Looking after a prestigious portfolio of companies, the client is trusted by brands across the globe that operate in mission-critical areas.


Having been a client of Natilik’s for over ten years, throughout which period has used Meraki’s networking technology to provide a global solution to connect its people, data and applications.

Currently, the client uses Meraki MX devices for its routing and Meraki access points for its wireless, both of which provide a reliable network that enables their business to run smoothly. The solution is underpinned by a Natilik Managed Service that helps to increase the network reliability whilst reducing troubleshooting, maintenance and day-to-day management, freeing up the client’s team to focus on more impactful projects.


As the business has evolved over the last ten years, the Meraki solution from Natilik has not only been able to accommodate changes but has enabled them. The addition of Meraki sensors and cameras to monitor restricted areas across its global locations has been one of these and shows the versatility of the Meraki portfolio, all managed through a single pane of glass.

Throughout the partnership, sustainability has been, and continues to be, a key consideration of how the client operates, which is something the Meraki solution complements and will have played a part in the firm achieving carbon neutrality since 2019. From power-down functions on APs to zero-touch provisioning helping to negate the need to travel, all these features contribute to the client achieving its sustainability goals.


Over the ten years of partnering together and using a Meraki solution provisioned and managed by Natilik, the client has benefitted from:

  • 24/7 world-class support to all its global locations
  • The simplicity of controlling the networking estate through a single pane of glass
  • Zero-touch global provisioning and change management that negates the need to travel
  • Peace of mind from working with a trusted partner with experts in Meraki solutions