A global business aviation company founded in 2004, the client has been on a journey to revolutionise business aviation by pioneering a new way to fly: access to a global fleet of private jets without any of the responsibilities of owning an aircraft. To achieve this goal, the client developed an aggressive acquisition strategy, and for the last 4 years have been quickly climbing their way to the top of the private aviation industry.




The clients 4 main goals are to be ensuring every service they provide is ‘Simple, Efficient, Reliable and Global’, and their technology requirements are no different. However, as their rate of acquisition continued to grow, so did the complexity of their infrastructure. With multiple organisations running disparate collaboration solutions, built around different ways of working, the client needed one unified cloud Collaboration solution to bring their teams together.



With churn rate of staff at an all time high for the client, Natilik and Cisco worked to migrate the clients existing on-premises CUCM solution to a Natilik hosted, Webex Calling and Webex Meetings solution deployed in the cloud, with Cloud Connected PTSN for UK, HK and US locations. All wrapped up into a 3-year Collaboration Flex plan supporting 930 knowledge workers and 300 active Webex Meetings users.

Natilik also ensured the client had access to the expertise of both the 24/7 Tech Support team and a dedicated Service Delivery Manager for a further 3 years. This guarantees that the client will receive an exceptional, consistent standard of support across the globe, with the added peace of mind that opportunities for service improvement are constantly identified and measured over time.

Furthermore, to support the client to continue recognising ROI and driving user buy-in for the new solution, Natilik built a bespoke Adoption plan supported by a joint Success Plan with Cisco.


The client now have access to customised learning content and experiences across a range of learning styles and platforms, to ensure both their current users and future acquisitions are using and loving their new Collaboration solution. During the process of creating the Success Plan, the Natilik team worked with the client to design the best strategy to further drive end-user adoption with mutually agreeable KPIs that are aligned to their business goals. All of which will be documented and reviewed on a regular basis.

They also now communicate seamlessly across the globe, powered by best-in-class collaboration technology, enable their teams to achieve their goals from wherever they are, as the business continues to grow and further acquisitions are brought in.