The client is an independent charitable organisation working to build a healthier UK. The organisation is committed to championing investment in health and care services to ensure a healthier population, focused on tackling wider contributing factors that affect our health, such as inequality and access. Located in the heart of London, the charity supports change by providing grants to front-line workers, policy analysts and researchers.


The client approached Natilik in 2019, looking to refresh its wireless infrastructure, intending to have a wireless-first office set up. Improving the guest Wi-Fi was also on the list of priorities for the charity, as well as ensuring excellent video meeting experiences.


Kicking off the project with a predictive survey, the Natilik team used this to design a wireless network for the office space. Designing based on capacity, not coverage, made Natilik’s solution stand out from the competition and would be pivotal in the success of creating a wireless-first environment.

The solution consisted of Meraki MR45 and MR55 access points with three-year licences, which gave the client access to Meraki’s simple-to-use, next-generation dashboard. To support the solution on an ongoing basis, the client also opted for a Managed Service from Natilik to free up time for the charity’s internal IT team. The Managed Service also meant networking experts were on hand at any time to support the smooth running of the wireless.


Since the implementation, the client has successfully moved to a wireless-first solution, enabling its teams working in the office to work effectively without wires. Whether using SaaS applications or making video calls, the solution supports daily business operations by delivering an excellent wireless experience for all, including those on the guest Wi-Fi. The post-deployment survey ensured that the design met the requirements and enabled the Natilik team to make any adjustments to achieve the best possible wireless experience.

Having been impressed with the performance of the Natilik-designed and managed Meraki solution, there was no hesitation when it came to renewing the licences after three years in 2022. The Wi-Fi solution has and continues to enable the charity to work seamlessly across the wireless network – with the team looking to expand the Meraki solution by adding sensors and cameras to the infrastructure, all of which is made possible with Meraki’s simple-to-scale technology.

The benefits for the client using a Meraki solution provisioned and managed by Natilik included:

  • A fully managed end-to-end solution
  • A future-proof solution designed on capacity, not coverage
  • Wireless-first connectivity that delivers excellent user experience