The client is a multinational insurance company headquartered in Tokyo with offices located across the globe. As one of the world’s leading insurance companies it has experience in underwriting more than 100 classes of speciality insurance in over 180 countries.


The client had a data centre that was made up of legacy infrastructure. It was expensive and difficult to manage, and the outdated kit and security policies were causing security issues. The team was looking to move to a new data centre in North America and as part of the move would be investing in new technology to add to their existing estate. The team found that some of its security infrastructure was outdated and there wasn’t any documentation of the existing policies on its firewalls, which was creating issues with security, compliance, and policy management.

The team needed a solution that would give them full visibility of the policies across their firewalls to mitigate the risk of any vulnerabilities, prevent any outdated policies being configured onto new firewalls. This would provide the team with access to the data they needed to enable them to make informed decisions about the future firewall policies to keep their organisation secure in the future.

  • Visibility

    Without any rule history and due to changes in the IT team, the client didn’t have the visibility it needed
    of the security policy rules in place across its existing environment.

  • Legacy infrastructure

    Some of the client’s firewalls needed to be refreshed and the client wanted an efficient way to configure the correct security policy to the new infrastructure.

  • Policy management

    The team found it time consuming and difficult to manage the security policies across the estate.


Firewall Analyzer from AlgoSec, delivered by Natilik, provides the client with visibility across its entire network security topology so all business applications on its network and the security policy rules can be identified, along with a change history record. This enables the team to easily view all policies on their firewalls, helping to identify any risky rules and the assets they expose so changes can be made to ensure any risky configuration isn’t copied across to the new firewalls. This, along with having the ability to uncover and remediate any unused, overlapping or expired rules will help to improve the overall security posture of its estate and reduce their attack surface.


By working with Natilik and AlgoSec, the client now has a solution in place that provides them with visibility of the policies across their entire firewall estate. It has been able to complete its data centre refresh with the confidence that no unnecessary policies are being brought across and its entire estate is secure.

The team was able to have time back to dedicate to other areas of the data centre migration project as manual checks and updates for every firewall were no longer required. The security posture of the client’s re-located estate has been elevated as there aren’t any unnecessary or incorrect policies and the team have peace of mind knowing that they have visibility and simplified management of all firewall policies from a single pane of glass.

As a Cisco ACI user, the client is now working with Natilik and AlgoSec to enhance its current solution to ensure it can take advantage of the benefits of simplified monitoring, management, and reporting on rule sets for its ACI.

  • Security

    The client has been able to remove any outdated, overlapping or unused rules from its environment, helping to minimise its attack surface and increase its security posture.

  • Operational Efficiency

    The new solution has enabled the team to automate management of its policies, saving the client’s
    IT team hours of manual process.

  • Visibility

    The team now has complete visibility of all security policies and change history across its environment,
    ensuring confidence that the right rules are in place to allow the infrastructure to run smoothly.