The client is a UK headquartered printing company that has been providing governments and businesses with products and services across two divisions, authentication and currency for over 200 years.
Seeing growth in the adoption of hybrid working, the client needed to ensure it had the infrastructure in place to seamlessly and securely enable its users to connect to data and applications from wherever they were connecting.


The organisation’s existing solution was made up of traditional MPLS infrastructure as well as an on-premise VPN, which didn’t meet the requirements of their migration to cloud and wasn’t providing the client’s users with a good experience.

A solution was needed that would align with the businesses cloud-based goals, facilitate hybrid working and enable quick, secure connections across 11 global sites to enrich the experience for its users.

  • Protecting users

    The growth in hybrid working meant that the client’s infrastructure was no longer providing the security the team needed for users logging in from locations on and off the network.

  • Fast connection

    The client’s traditional MPLS infrastructure wasn’t providing the speed that the team required across its 11 global sites and didn’t align with the businesses migration to cloud.

  • User experience

    The client needed a cloud-based solution that would provide quick, easy and secure access to applications whenever and wherever users were logging in from.


Being a Cisco partner for over ten years and one of the highest accredited in the industry holding a quad master specialisation for security, networking, data centre, hybrid cloud and collaboration Natilik was identified as the client’s partner of choice.

After reviewing the requirements and taking time to understand the key business and technical drivers behind the project and what the team wanted to achieve, Natilik quickly identified that Cisco’s SASE framework, made up of Cisco+ Secure Connect and SD-WAN would be the best solution for the client.
Natilik provided the client’s team with a Cisco cloud managed SASE solution with diverse, high availability circuits and hardware across 11 sites in Asia, US, EMEA. The solution is fully monitored and managed by the team at Natilik, ensuring that all networking, security and remote access policies are configured correctly and if any issues do occur that they can be quickly identified and remediated.

  • Discover

    Through a series of meetings and fact finding, the Natilik team gained an in-depth understanding of the technical and business drivers and project requirements.

  • Design

    Natilik designed a solution based on Cisco+ Secure Connect and
    SD-WAN to meet the client’s desired outcomes.

  • Transition

    A dedicated team of project engineers and project managers ensured the seamless deployment of the solution, against tight schedules and continuous success criteria review.

  • Manage

    The solution is fully managed by the Natilik team giving the client peace of mind that any issues will be quickly identified and remediated.


The client now has a complete end-to-end SASE solution that elevates their security posture and provides frictionless connectivity to all its users. It ensures a consistent end-user experience so the client’s 2,300+ users can quickly, easily and safely access the data and applications they need whenever they want, from wherever they want.

The client’s team now has a modern, optimised, best-in-class network that allows for secure connection to existing data centres and between each of its sites. The cloud-based technology provides flexibility and enables future innovation, allowing the client to migrate to more cloud services in the future.

  • Secure access

    Moving from a traditional MPLS infrastructure to SD-WAN has enabled fast, secure connections across the client’s 11 sites in EMEA, US and Asia.

  • Hybrid working

    The client’s 2,300+ users now have an improved user experience and have seamless, secure access to the data and applications they need to from wherever they need to work.

  • Future-proofed

    The new cloud-based solution will grow with the business and will facilitate any future innovation in its journey to cloud.