Servcorp is a Sydney founded business that provides Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Coworking and IT Solutions. Since opening its first office in Sydney in 1978, Servcorp has grown to become a hugely successful global business with over 160 locations in 54 cities, across 23 countries.

To ensure its ongoing excellent customer experience, Servcorp has a continuous equipment refresh cycle across its 160+ serviced offices. Managing the refresh of technology across multiple countries had always been a challenge, with various purchasing strategies in place to fulfil the requirements.


The sheer scale of Servcorp’s global coverage means that several of its offices are in complex regions, many of which are not easily accessible. Not only was this making it difficult for the Servcorp team to procure and ship equipment globally due to strict importing regulations, but it was also extremely costly and unpredictable for their procurement team. The Servcorp team needed one partner that had global capabilities to centralise all its equipment purchasing, eliminating the need for multiple partners across different countries. This global capability was vital to provide ease of transaction, whilst ensuring a better service, faster turn-around and flexibility with invoicing to keep up with its continued global expansion requirements. The team was also seeking a solution that would overcome the budgeting issues of using multiple partners including varying levels of discount, or no discount at all and fluctuations in currency costs.


To understand Servcorp’s business goals, technical environment, deployment timelines and global challenges, the Natilik team kicked off the project with an interactive discovery workshop. It became clear that the priority was to tackle each country in stages. All equipment purchases were consolidated and centralised out of Servcorp’s Sydney HQ, and project timelines were drawn up. From this, the Natilik team could provide insight into the process of procuring equipment within challenging countries, leaving the Servcorp team with accurate shipment schedules on which they could rely.

Natilik also made it possible for Servcorp to leverage the same discount it was currently receiving in Australia globally. This strategy meant that regardless of where the equipment was being procured or delivered, Servcorp’s discount would remain the same.


Servcorp now has a solution in place with a partner who has its business outcomes at the forefront of every interaction, allowing their team to concentrate on offering their customers best of breed technology solutions and exceptional workspaces.

Natilik will continue to work with the Servcorp team to explore future developments and opportunities, all centred around allowing them to focus on their business, clients and people, not sourcing IT equipment.