The client is a UK headquartered company founded in 1841 that specialises in providing financial products and services tailored to the specific needs of chosen professions including doctors, dentists and teachers.


The client was looking to refresh its core network at its HQ in Birmingham as its existing network was going EOL and EOS, which posed a security risk. It was interested in upgrading to Core and Edge Switches from Cisco 9500 & 9300 range, for which a new network design was required.


The Natilik team demonstrated its deep technical knowledge of Cisco’s networking solutions, by presenting credible and suitable designs from the offset. The client’s team really valued the Natilik technical advice in the last two years, in which time we have become their confident guide with the work completed around the network and data centre segregation.

The organisation’s existing partner had a number of challenges around the design, and accuracy of the solution, which was factored into the decision process and resulted in Natilik securing the network refresh project. To assist the client on an ongoing basis, a partner shared support package for 36 months was also agreed.


The new network provides a modern technical platform to work with its newly architected Cisco Security posture in its network and data centre. It is also much faster with new features that will help support future growth and operational requirements.

  • Faster network
  • Simplified network operations
  • Futureproof
  • Increased security