of all security alerts are never investigated, according to research.


of organisations utilise security solutions from six or more different vendors.


of reported cyber-attacks originate from email or fraudulent websites.

Cyber threats are not only very real to every business, they continue to increase in their frequency, persistence and sophistication. In the past twelve months, almost half of companies have experienced an attack and this increases to 68% of large enterprises.

At Natilik, we believe that organisations need to take a holistic approach to cyber security ensuring that layers that protect the perimeter, access and content seamlessly work together and focus not just on prevention, but also detecting and mitigating attacks.


We help our clients to protect their infrastructure with industry-leading Next-Generation Firewall services. These highly scalable solutions protect data centres, headquarters and branch offices providing intrusion prevention, thorough application visibility and control, reputation and category-based web content filtering, file inspection with advanced malware protection and IP intelligence feeds to prevent CnC, anonymisers and botnet traffic.


We enable organisations to create, manage and enforce threat-centric access and security policies across wired, wireless and VPN connections. Define policies at the user, device and location level, simplifying the complexity of authentication and authorisation rules and providing an additional level of protection through the integration of vulnerability scanning engines and endpoint malware protection.


We help our clients provide a more secure environment through a range of best-of-breed security applications for web, email and cloud-consumed applications. These solutions help to prevent malware, ransomware, zero-day infections and identity theft by reducing the attack surface. Solutions include anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam, anti-phishing, mail encryption and also threat-focused and content filtering.


Natilik helps organisations to address advanced threats. Through network visibility and security analytics we help clients use their network as a sensor, monitoring network activity to identify stealth attacks, understanding how the network behaves and reporting any deviation from the baseline. We also provide Advanced Malware Protection with cloud sandboxing and in-depth file scanning and reporting.