Much of your best work is created when working with your team in meeting rooms, on video conferences or in huddle spaces.

Power your meetings with technology that elevates and enhances your teams experience with industry leading digital meeting software and room devices. Provide your teams with a consistent, intuitive and high-quality experience whether they’re syncing up with colleagues while on the road, broadcasting to thousands or kicking around new ideas in a huddle space.

Your Meetings, Your Way

Leverage the power of video conferencing and video enabled spaces to bring your teams together from anywhere in the world. Meetings technology will power your collaboration internally and externally, allowing you to meet, share your screen, documents, whiteboard and more.

Your meetings experience is further enhanced with the inclusion of collaborative spaces and devices, giving you a fully immersive experience with ultra HD video and audio quality in any type of meeting room with both Microsoft and Cisco Meetings. Whether it’s a quick team huddle, a packed boardroom or anything in between, there’s a device to enhance every type of meeting.


  • Effortlessly Simple Team Collaboration

    Everything you need to collaborate with your disparate teams put front and centre, providing a seamless experience for any user, on any device, with any vendor, in any place in the world.

  • Intelligent and Intuitive Rooms and Workspaces

    Integrated meeting devices deliver simplicity of use, while offering a rich set of features such as real-time speaker tracking and natural language translation to take your meetings to the next level.

  • Enterprise Grade Security and Privacy

    Be completely confident that every single meeting is backed by industry-leading, award-winning security and privacy, with deep encryption supporting every meeting and device as well as all of your content.

  • Centralised Visibility

    An intelligent hub provides your IT teams with insights and statistics on room and endpoint usage, contextualising it to support you in maximising your investment.


  • Come Together from Any Place, on Any Device, with any Vendor

    Leverage the power of high-quality video and audio for face-to-face collaborative experiences whether you’re in the boardroom or on your smartphone and across both Cisco and Microsoft platforms.

  • Save Time and Money

    Reduce the amount of time you lose to travel and the associated cost, freeing up extra resource that you can reallocate to give you the compeitive advantage.

  • Protect Your Data and Privacy

    Meet securely with the highest level of encryption and compliance to ensure that your data is always safe.

Technology Portfolio
  • Cloud and Hybrid Cloud screen

    Cloud Meetings

    From the simplicity of being able to walk into a meeting room and press one green button to start your meeting, to innovative voice intelligence features from the in-meeting digital assistant, Cloud Meetings deliver innovative features and functionality to your business, taking your meetings to the next level.

    As a leading meetings platform, Natilik's Cloud meetings bring your teams a best in class, secure, intuitive, and integrated solution to collaborate across. Cloud Meetings give you an exceptional experience at every step of your meeting journey, from simple scheduling and high quality audio and video, to intelligent devices inside your meeting rooms that already know who you are and who you’re meeting with before you arrive.

    Have peace of mind that every Meeting has guaranteed protection from industry-leading, multilayer security, keeping every conversation or shared piece of content fully secure. A single pane of glass management tool also provides you with actionable analytics and insights into every part of your meeting environment to support you and your users in getting the most out of your meetings.

  • Workers in meeting room looking at screen

    Collaborative Spaces and Devices

    In a world where your work happens anywhere and meetings bridge together teams located across the world, collaborative devices ensure that every one of your users experiences is consistently high quality, regardless of whether you’re at home, in the office or on the move.

    Best in class interoperability combined with leading analytics, insights and management mean that you can leverage the full benefits of any investments that you make in your meeting spaces and devices. Whether you’re end-to-end Cisco, Microsoft or Zoom, or a combination, these meeting devices support a range of multi-vendor configurations to ensure that you have all bases covered. With a variety of specialist audio and visual integrations, you can benefit from collaboration devices that also enhance larger scale town hall and meetings rooms with more complex requirements.

  • Screen in office

    Digital Signage and Wayfinding

    Whether you’re looking to create a personalised custom display in your lobby to welcome guests or showcase important news on your sales floor TVs, Natilik’s partnership with AppSpace allows you to customise as many displays as required, without taking the time of your technical teams.

    Combining wayfinding tools with intelligent booking software gives you another powerful tool in enhancing your hybrid workplace. Work with Natilik and Mazemap to integrate indoor and outdoor maps to support all types of user scenarios, from employee hot desking, providing users with a simple way of booking and finding their way to a workspace, to providing work routes for cleaning or maintenance staff.

Why Natilik for Meetings?

Take advantage of nearly 15 years’ experience, with a proven track record of designing, delivering and managing meeting solutions of all shapes and sizes, by choosing Natilik as your technology partner. From multi-site global deployments to video meetings-enabled huddle spaces, the Natilik team has the expertise, experience and reputation to deliver your requirements, anywhere across the globe.

Designed and delivered by experienced and qualified industry experts who are certified to the highest level, Natilik will blend a world class portfolio of collaboration solutions with decades of industry experience to deliver you the highest quality, easiest to use and high performing meetings solution.

Finally, you can utilise a proven approach to training, adoption and change management as well as world-class 24/7 manage services, so that you can ensure your solution will deliver to every single one of your desired outcomes and realise its full potential.

Partnering Together
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