Delivering successful business communication in a collaborative world relies on high quality, reliable and resilient voice calls.
Natilik voice connectivity solutions provide you with flexible and affordable telecommunication services to future proof your telephony and reduce your costs.


  • Free Calling Capability

    Leverage free calling across destinations and connected locations to avoid the increased costs associated with ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and other industry leading calling plans.

  • Agile, Flexible Business Communications

    Ensure a seamless migration whilst maintaining your existing numbers with the flexibility required to re-configure your Direct Dialling In (DDI) numbers as you please.

  • Diverse International Calling Services

    Work with one single partner with a global reach to ensure unified voice communications across every region. Guarantee unparalleled end user experiences without the hassle of needing to manage multiple vendors.


  • Significant Cost Savings

    Gain financial control and see significant savings across both your line rental and calling costs compared to ISDN and other industry leading calling plans.

  • Simplify Your Carrier Requirements

    Work with a single trusted partner that understands your specific requirements, business goals and infrastructure globally, reducing the time you spend liaising with multiple partners and invoicing in different regions.

  • Future-Proofed Voice Technology

    Proactively avoid business downtime and unforeseen costs by working with a partner who will support you to migrate away from ISDN ahead of the switch off in 2025.

Technology Portfolio
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    SIP Trunking

    SIP trunking delivers high quality, low latency inbound and outbound voice services, alongside complete visibility and control over where and how your geographic telephone numbers are used. As well as offering flexible and cost-effective voice communications, SIP Trunking is interoperable with all major calling platforms including Cisco and Microsoft.

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    Direct Routing

    Direct routing is a cost-effective and versatile alternative to other more expensive calling plans, allowing you to make and receive high quality voice calls from all your devices without compromising on quality.

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    Inbound Call Routing

    Provide your calling customers with a non-geographic number to ensure they can reach your business, regardless of their location. Inbound call routing from Natilik provides you with a unique, memorable number and simplified call routing to ensure that callers are always able to connect to their desired destination. Utilise powerful self-service portals and make urgent adjustments or changes with ease, avoiding time consuming change requests and freeing up time for business-critical tasks.

Why Natilik for Voice Connectivity?

As a Cisco Gold Partner and award-winning Connectivity specialist, Natilik will work with you to implement resilient, high quality voice services that are built for long-term success and aligned to your business goals. Having helped numerous clients move away from their costly ISDN services prior to the switch off in 2025, Natilik understands the challenges you face when trying to provide an exceptional voice experience whilst also remaining cost-effective.

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