As the world moves at a rapid pace, every second back to your business counts. Utilising automation across your data centre and cloud environments allows your teams to maximise their time and resources to achieve business excellence with speed and accuracy. 

Through building and managing your data centre architecture with an ‘Infrastructure as Code’ approach, you will give your teams access to innovative integrations that automate, optimise, secure and transform your data centre to accelerate agile business change, keeping you competitive and consistently delivering exceptional customer experiences.

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Why should you be interested in data centre automation?

Data centre automation is pre scripted lines of code that can be implemented into your data centre architecture configuring the capability of the technology to respond automatically to a series of commands, hence removing the need for manual intervention and possible error. Streamlining processes within your business can bring benefits of speed, resources and accuracy.


  • Automatic Builders

    Maximise your teams time with robustly tested, best practice automation scripts that are designed by the Natilik team to automate infrastructure configuration and roll outs.

  • Minimises Human Interaction

    Remove the risk of human error by employing pre-defined policies and parameters when setting up your automation. Ensure security and access permissions and protocols are implemented as standard across any growth or expansion of your environment.

  • Innovative Tools

    Expose your teams to the latest DevOps tools and communities to inspire them to apply best practice automation to your data centre infrastructure. The Natilik experts are on hand to offer advice, education, and consultation to help you take the first step on your journey.

  • Repeatable Best Practice Templates

    Share best practice templates and knowledge between your teams to ensure that a consistent and repeatable approach is applied across your business, from configuration to deployments, documentation to policy roll outs.


  • Operational Efficiency

    Increase your operational efficiency and agility by automating roll outs, deployments, configuration, and management of your data centre environment at speed to benefit from day zero ROI.

  • Engaged Teams

    Through automation of workloads and removing repetitive tasks, allow your teams to reallocate their time onto other business critical projects aided by new tools, skills and knowledge that will help innovate your business.

  • Remain Competitive

    Give your teams the tools they need to continuously develop and grow professionally with the latest integrations and automation scripting, allowing you to bring products to market faster and with more accuracy consistently delivering that competitive edge.

  • Consistency and Compliance

    Eliminate configuration errors with templated deployment models and automatic compliance remediation. Rest assured that you will remain complaint with real time accurate documentation and logs connected to your data centre environment.

Technology Portfolio
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    Management tools

    With simple and easy to read dashboards, you can bring together all your analytics into a single point of management. Equipping your teams with the tools for automated fabric deployment, automatic remediation, device lifecycle management and more.

    With complete visibility over all environments you will be able to inform your business with real-time health summary data across your infrastructure and security architecture within your data centre.

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    Deployment builders

    Accelerate your team’s projects with Natilik’s best practice templates that can be used to help automate your deployments when expanding your data centre environment. Don’t let traditional infrastructure configuration slow down your business growth, equip your teams with the tools to roll out and roll on quickly and securely. The Natilik team have created data centre builders for Cisco ACI and Cisco Hyperflex with many more on the roadmap.

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    Automated documentation

    Provide your teams with accurate real time information by creating automated documentation that can act as your single source of truth to the status, performance and stability of your network. Making sure you are equipped with the latest and greatest visibility, understanding and data to help drive your business optimisation strategy.

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    Sometimes knowing where to start can be the hardest challenge. Work with the Natilik team of experts to educate and guide you through the world of data centre automation and the possibilities of building your technology stack with an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach. Leverage the knowledge and experience of the team around the latest tools and developments and apply best practice to your automation strategy. As the first UK Cisco DevNet Specailised Partner, join Natilik for educational events, community code sharing and peer learning sessions in global forums and conferences.

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    With leading orchestration platforms such as Cisco Network Service Orchestrator (NSO), you can provide your teams with a robust link between automation and orchestration tools and your physical and virtual infrastructure. NSO will help you to automate across your technology domains to coordinate your controllers and bring a holistic view to your teams, allowing them to rapidly action configuration, changes, updates, patches and policy centrally.

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Why Natilik for Data Centre Automation?

As the UK’s first Cisco DevNet Specialised Partner, you can trust in Natilik to bring you the latest and greatest in data centre automation, tooling and education. Learn from Natilik’s own journey and leverage the expertise and knowledge to apply to your business. With proven success with clients all across the globe, discover how Natilik is using automation to change the way we deliver projects, increase speed, and transform client’s data centre environments.

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