Your Data Centre powers your teams through speed, innovation and accessibility to the applications and data they need to be successful. 

Your business demands flexibility and agility to support new environments, remote working, greater cloud consumption and application development. Deploy industry leading data centre architecture and build the right platform for your growth and success.

Natilik are there as the confident guide for your cloud migration journey, supporting your teams in harnessing the latest technology and DevOps innovation to develop a data centre that is evolving with the needs of your business.

  • 76%

    of IT organisation attention is focused on securing the data centre.

  • 85%

    of fortune 500 companies have Cisco as part of their data centre infrastructure.

  • 51%

    of businesses plan to leverage multicloud.

Technology stack
  • Software Defined Data Centre

    Your data centre is critical in supporting the growth of your business by delivering scalability and agility when your teams provision for the applications that drive your business. Adopt an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach into your data centre to give you team end to end visibility and access to analytics so they can make informed business decisions, optimise your resources and incorporate innovation into your data centre. Giving you and your business a competitive edge.

  • Storage

    Your data is your most valuable asset and as your business grows, so does the amount of data you need to store. With industry leading partnerships deliver the best data centre solution for your business and its future growth. Equip your teams with flexible subscription models, that build in flexibility and agility to your to ensure you are always backed by the latest innovative storage technology, equip your teams with the best in the business. Designed with growth in mind, remove the pain and costs of repeated data centre refresh projects and instead enjoy the agility and freedom of innovative and resilient technology. With a 99.9999% proven availability, be always ready and always on, whatever the competition throws at you.

  • Data Centre Security

    Securing your data has been at the top of mind for your teams over the past few years. As malicious attacks increase, a robust and resilient security architecture must be designed to protect your data centre whether it resides on premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Bring together the physical security of your on-premise data centre with industry leading sensors and cameras built to enhance your security with environmental analytics and visibility to be your eyes and ears within your data centre.

  • Data Centre Automation

    Utilising automation across your data centre and cloud environments allows your teams to maximise their time and resources when building and maintain your infrastructure and environment to best support your teams. Through building and managing your architecture with an ‘Infrastructure as Code’ approach, you give your teams access to innovative integrations that can automate, optimise, and secure your data centre. Transforming the available insights, so you can accelerate agile business change, giving you an edge in a competitive environment.

  • Management and Assurance

    Implement assurance tools to drive the latest best practice management and create simple dashboards to provide real time insights across your teams. Harness the power of key data and metrics to identify and proactively remediate downtime threats to keep your business moving. By implementing automation tools, you can free up your data centre management teams to innovate in new ways, helping your business to accelerate into the future.

  • Modern Applications

    Your applications are at the heart of your business and the performance of which ensure your business remains competitive. The modern application requires agility and with more and more systems and solutions being natively built and delivered via the cloud, it is important to build the surrounding infrastructure that will support this growth. Leverage the skills and experience of the Natilik team to help you optimise your modern applications environment resulting in better experiences, flexibility and reliability for your teams and business.


  • Keeping Competitive

    By having complete visibility of usage and trends across your applications, you can keep your competitive edge by optimising your business and resources efficiently so you can deliver on the needs of your customers.

  • Agile for scaling up and out

    Bring cost efficiencies into your budgets by operating new consumption models for software defined data centre resources. Flexibly scale up or down as and when your business needs it. Controlling costs through ‘as a service’ models and minimising requirements of infrastructure hardware.

  • Optimised operations

    Save time and resources with fast, repeatable deployments embedded with best practice approaches and protocols. By applying automation to replicate environments, you will facilitate infrastructure growth that supports your business.

  • Business continuity

    Keep your business and teams running with industry leading availability and minimal to no downtime. Work with the Natilik team to design a robust architecture that is evergreen in its delivery, saving you time and money from future hardware refreshes or upgrades, removing any risks of impacting performance.

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