As application loyalty starts to overtake brand loyalty, the reliance on your applications to best serve your teams and customers is greater now more than ever. Your applications are at the heart of your business and ensure that you can grow, sustain, and remain competitive. 

With more and more systems and solutions being natively built and delivered via the cloud, leverage the skills and experience of the Natilik team to help you optimise your modern applications.

As the emergence of in-house developers and DevOps teams increases, ensure you are facilitating innovation with the fastest and most reliable infrastructure to ensure rapid responses to your market. Work with Natilik on your journey to in-house development best practice and the best-in-class technology that supports it.

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What is a Modern Application?

A modern application optimises the delivery and consumption of services and applications across your technology stack to deliver the best experiences to your people and customers, regardless of if you have an on prem, hybrid or cloud environment.


  • Rapidly Deploy New Features

    Quickly implement new features and functionality directly to the application, delivering the best experience and latest technology to your teams and clients in a managed, controlled, and automated way.

  • High Availability

    Gain visibility of application performance and monitoring to optimise and reroute resources to support business critical applications. Prioritise applications when needed with flexibility and agility.

  • Developing Applications

    Provide your teams with the tools they need to collaboratively develop tools and applications together within the cloud, securely and with complete visibility.

  • Insights

    Inform your business of application usage and trends, identifying potential resource requirements and business drivers. Understand your customers needs with real time data that can help you respond and react quickly to ensure the best customer experience.


  • Improved Customer Experience

    With more reliable access to applications you can ensure your customer experience is second to none, helping your business maintain customer loyalty and retention.

  • Keeping Competitive

    Keep your competitive edge by constantly delivering exceptional customer experiences by being able to proactively react and resource your network, applications and infrastructure correctly in response to usage spikes and trending needs.

  • Effective Business Change

    With detailed insights into your application performance you can make informed decisions based on business critical priorities. Influence future project spend and help accurately plot trends and utilisation expectations for future growth to drive effective business change.

  • Team Productivity

    With deep visibility into application code, enable your teams to securely capture critical debug data on-demand and without performance overhead. Avoid sifting through log files, save valuable developer time, and reduce mean-time-to-resolve code issues.

Technology Portfolio
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    Maximise your application performance with Turbonomic, increase compliance and reduce costs by automating the management of the full application stack by informative insights across on-premises, private and public cloud environments. Automate actions in response to changing demands to prevent poor performance of applications and unexpected outages.

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    Application Performance Monitoring

    Let best in class Application Performance Management solutions from AppDynamics monitor your business and customer facing critical applications. Informed with real time analytics, respond and reallocate your infrastructure resources to avoid downtime and inconsistent performance. Effective application performance monitoring delivers application mapping, dynamic baselining and code-level diagnostics, to help contextualise the analytics for your business.

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    Containers and Kubernetes

    When considering your storage requirements for your DevOps practice and expansion, work alongside Natilik to design the best solution for your teams and business with an industry leading portfolio including Kubernetes, Portworx and VMWare Tanzu. Benefit from the latest in containerisation and the flexibility of DevOps driven models to support and facilitate development within your business

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    Harness the power of visibility from thousands of global monitoring vantage points as part of the ThousandEyes network and layer this visibility and insight alongside your own application environment. With a holistic end-to-end view of the user experience, understand the needs of your customers and empower your teams to plan service rollouts, isolate problems, take action and resolve issues faster with minimal disruption to business as usual.

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Why Natilik for Modern Applications?

Transform your teams and business applications to accelerate your business growth, with the latest infrastructure architecture and technology stack from Natilik. Supporting your modern application journey with thought leadership, education and enhanced insight and visibility, bring your modern applications to life, and deliver exceptional experiences for your customers and teams.

Partnering Together
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