Supporting the future of your business requires agility, speed, and scalability. Your data centre is critical in helping your business growth, giving you the consumption flexibility and business continuity reassurance you need.

Adopt an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach to your data centre to bring end to end visibility and analytics that will help inform your business decisions, optimise your resources and enable you to incorporate innovation that will keep your business competitive.

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What is Software Defined Datacentre?

A software-defined data centre incorporates programmable software managed controllers and approaches to data centre components. No matter your choice of deployment methods of on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments, a software-defined data centre can be comprised of components including storage, switching, converged and hyper converged compute and in-built security. Together with simple management platforms and services, your teams can benefit by saving time and repetitive tasks from a software defined approach to managing, optimising, and growing your data centre story.


  • Cloud Ready

    By utilising a software defined approach, your data centre strategy can flex and evolve in line with your business needs. With a cloud migration journey specific to your business, rest assured that your software defined data centre can adapt to your current and future strategies.

  • Built for APIs

    With out of the box and custom-built API integrations available for all your critical platforms and solutions, you can have a holistic view of your data centre and accessible management so it can be optimised to meet your business needs.

  • Scalable

    What your business and team need today may not be the same as tomorrow. With flexible consumption models you have instant access to resources that you can scale up or down to support whatever your industry throws at you, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

  • Resiliency

    With the latest software defined data centre infrastructure designs, understand and implement resilient architecture to support your business if failover occurs. With best practice designs applied, protect your data and applications if disaster strikes and minimise any downtime to your business.


  • Business Cloud Realisation

    Incorporate a software defined approach as part of your cloud migration strategy to enable you to build in future resilience, agility and growth.

  • Agile for Scaling Up and Out

    Bring cost efficiencies into your budget by operating new consumption models for your data centre. Flexibly scale your resources up and down as and when your business needs them, controlling costs through “as a service” models, minimising requirements for hardware.

  • Optimised Operations

    Save time and resources with fast, repeatable deployments embedded with best practice approaches and protocols.

  • Remove the dependency on hardware

    No longer will your teams have to be specialised and trained to deal with vendor specific, hard coded infrastructure. With a highly available and robust data centre architecture, you will reduce the impact to your business and keep your operations on; whenever and wherever they are needed.

Technology Portfolio
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    Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software defined, holistic solution that combines all the components of a traditional data centre including storage, compute, networking, and management. HCI solutions such as Cisco Hyperflex™ include hybrid, all-flash, all-NVMe, and edge configurations, an integrated network fabric, and powerful data optimisation features that bring the full potential of hyperconvergence to your business. With faster deployments, simplistic management and easy flex up/flex down models, Cisco Hyperflex™ provides a unified pool of infrastructure resources to power applications as your business needs.

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    Converged Infrastructure

    Bringing two key data centre partners together FlashStack, provided by Cisco and Pure Storage, is a converged infrastructure end-to-end solution that is smart, simple and efficient. Ready to use across any environment including virtual machines, containers, and hybrid cloud, your teams will retain the advantages of predictability and efficiency of dedicated compute and storage tiers that give speed and reliability to your applications and teams.

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    Data Centre Virtualisation

    When supporting developer-ready infrastructure, scale without compromise and simplify operations, VMWare vSphere helps you build the platforms to enable your teams with the flexibility they need to innovate. As the industry-leading compute virtualisation platform, trust in VMWare vSphere as your first step to application modernisation with trusted and tested architecture. Built with DevOps and AIOps in mind, bring teams together with simplified cloud operations. Scale at speed with native Kubernetes and unified management using Tanzu to accelerate your products and services to market.

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    Infrastructure Components

    Your software-defined data centre from Natilik will be built using the industry’s best components including Cisco Nexus 9K switches, Cisco Unified Computer Systems (UCS), Cisco ACI platform and software-defined networking solutions. Together, these elements connect to your wider network giving your business speed, agility and security.

Why Natilik for Software Defined Data Centre?

With Cisco specialisations in data centre and networking and as a Pure Storage Platinum Partner, Natilik has developed a best-in-class portfolio to deliver the latest software-defined architecture to your business. With happy customers across the globe, Natilik is experienced in delivering cutting edge software-defined data centres that keep businesses like yours competitive by maximising your infrastructure. With industry awards and teams of renowned experts, Natilik strives to push the boundaries of the Software-Defined Data Centre with your business outcomes in mind.

Partnering Together
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