Your business lives off your data, that’s why your data centre storage has to support the ever changing business needs. With rapid speed and simplified platforms, you can trust in the Natilik and Pure Storage partnership to design and deliver the best Data Centre Solution for your business and its growth.

With flexible Pure Storage Evergreen™ Storage subscription models you can ensure you are always backed by the latest innovative storage technology, you can equip your teams with the best in the business with exception performance that keeps your business responses rapid in a competitive world. Designed with growth in mind, you can remove the pain and costs of repeated data centre refresh projects and instead enjoy the agility and freedom of resilient technology that supports innovation and market leading ideas within your business. With 99.9999% proven availability be always ready and always on, whatever the competition throws at you.

Why Does Good Data Centre Storage Matter?
All-flash array (AFA) is a storage infrastructure that contains flash memory drives instead of traditional spinning-disk drives, requiring less physical space within your data centres. Also referred to as a solid-state array (SSA), AFAs and SSAs allow your applications to operate with speed, accuracy and agility.
There are multiple tiers of storage that can help address your different business data needs
  • Tier 0: The highest performance tier including block storage, is utilised for business-critical applications where performance is the key factor.
  • Tier 1: The second-highest performance tier is utilised for business processing and data analysis.
  • Tier 2: This lower performance tier operates for backups, file storage and archiving.


  • Increased Speed

    Increase the speed at which your business operates every day with Natilik industry leading data centre infrastructure designs, utilising all-flash storage that operates faster memory read-write and access times and leverages Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) for rapid data transfer across your data centre. environment.

  • Portability

    All flash storage solutions are significantly smaller than traditional spinning disk storage, maximising the capacity within your data centre and in turn requiring less rack space, energy power, cooling equipment and physical security costs.

  • Durability

    The lack of physical spinning disks within the storage makes all-flash storage less vulnerable to drops and shocks than their traditional counterparts, ensuring the robustness of the solution.

  • User Friendly Management

    Operating the same management platform and interface for your on premise, cloud and hybrid data storage, will make your businesses cloud migration journey seamless with consistent visibility, management and configuration.


  • Business Continuity

    With 99.9999% proven availability with FlashArray™ solutions, you can experience no planned or unplanned downtime. Deploy once, and upgrade software or hardware in place, with zero impact on performance or application availability.

  • Cost Effective Models

    Remove the pain of the ‘Data Centre Refresh’ with the Pure Storage Evergreen™ subscription model that keeps your systems up to date and your business leading the charge, providing you with long-term compatibility, IT agility, and peace of mind.

  • Optimise Your Team

    Automatic remediation for more than 70% of issues with the innovative Pure1 Meta™ platform, making use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to predict potential issues before they occur.

  • Remaining Competitive

    Harness the power of agility by seamlessly moving workloads to and from clouds to support changing business needs. Manage and support application development consistently across on-premises and the cloud, without specialised skills or training.

  • Consistent Experience

    Benefit from the simple and fast storage features and management that your teams have grown to known and love and enjoy that consistent platform approach as you migrate your services to the cloud and different buying models.

Technology Portfolio
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    Primary storage

    Taking into account your workloads spanning Kubernetes, cloud applications and on premise data centres, work with Natilik to design flexible and modern primary storage architecture. With benefits from a performance-optimised, all-flash, end-to-end storage array, ensure your Tier 0 and Tier 1 applications are supported by robust block storage. With the industry’s most advanced all-flash storage solution, FlashBlade® consolidate fast file and object storage at a rapid pace and cloud-like simplicity that will deliver consistent high performance and agility to your applications and business.

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    Secondary storage

    With the FlashArray C you can benefit from a capacity optimised all-flash storage perfect for your tier two storage needs. Driving cost effective solutions for your data backup and archiving needs with reassurance and resilience to keep your business compliant.

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    Storage as a service

    Pure as-a-Service™ is the industry leader in a flexible consumption model pay as you go storage solution. The platform offers on premise and public cloud storage in a single unified subscription that delivers a true hybrid experience.

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    Cloud storage

    Providing advanced analytics, data deduplication capabilities and provisioning for your AWS cloud store, trust in Pure Storage’s Cloud Block to bring a holistic view of your storage journey. Powered by the Pure Storage® Purity Operating Environment, optimise the insights from your data whilst simplifying your management.

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    Data Protection and Back Up

    Your data is what drives your business, making sure it is protected and accessible is key to you remaining competitive. Data protection, back up and recovery is part of data centre best practice when architecting your data centre technology design. Through Natiliks portfolio of carefully chosen partners you can ensure that your business won’t miss a beat with continuous data protection, rapid recovery and replication, smart pre-set policies and simplified management of all your environments, on prem, hybrid or in the cloud.

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Why Natilik for Storage?

Benefit from best-in-class, end-to-end solutions for your data centre. Leverage the expertise of Natilik and Pure Storage, with combined excellence in data centre storage, networking, DevOps and data centre security and management to bring a holistic and simplified solution to your business. Committed to your success, trust in your dedicated Natilik team for consistent and continuous support to help drive your business goals. With proven capability in data centre transformation and global hybrid and cloud migrations, rest assured you are in the best hands when designing a solution that factors in your business growth strategy.

Partnering Together
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