Your business relies on your systems, data, devices and people being connected wherever and whenever.

Keeping your environment secure is vital to your business resiliency, minimising the risk of attack, downtime or brand damage. With a portfolio of security solutions, the Natilik experts will help you navigate the complex world of multi-vendor security so you can build a technology stack that aligns with your business goals, with maximum protection and minimal noise. 

  • 77%

    of CISOs surveyed reported they plan to increase the use of automation in their organisation's security ecosystem in the next year.

  • 76%

    of organisations are looking for multifunction cloud security services.

  • 84%

    of technology professionals identify that security, robust identity and access management are in their top 5 digital workplace challenges.

Technology stack
  • Enterprise Workplace Security

    Security is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and securing your workplace is an ever-evolving challenge. As the business adapts and grows in different directions, your security needs to be able to flex to meet new challenges and threats. An agile, simple and robust security solution will help to protect your business, ensuring the latest threat protection insights and best practice policies are provisioned across your environment rapidly, keeping your users and data protected.

    Natilik will work with you and your team to design and implement a solution that is right for you, that utilises the best combination of security products and services to protect your business.

  • Secure Insight

    Gaining secure insight will give you greater visibility of your environment, its vulnerabilities, and the threats that can attack it, so that you can act on that information in time to stop or reduce damage to your business. Detecting and responding to security threats can be a very time consuming and laborious task and requires expert skills from a team made up of researchers, investigators, detectives and responders. Leverage world leading threat intelligence teams that can work with your products and solutions to automatically update your environment with the latest threat insights, keeping your teams and data protected at all times.

  • End User Security

    Your teams form part of your network perimeter and that perimeter needs to be protected. From world class email security, to multi-factor authentication tools, equip your teams with frictionless and simple security solutions minimising vulnerabilities and the target opportunity for attackers. Delivered with agility in mind, find the best solutions to match your business growth and requirements. When every day is different, be ready.

  • Application Security

    Your teams and business rely on applications. The security of these applications is made up of different elements, securing correct access to applications, securing the development of applications, securing the application environment and securing the fabric of the code itself. Each element, if not provisioned, can open up opportunities for attackers to breach your business and environment. Applying best practice, policy and procedure across all areas can give your teams greater control and visibility to protect your business applications.


  • Consistent Business Performance

    Real time visibility into your environment allows your teams to rapidly respond and react with minimal impact to the business; keeping your teams operating and removing any impact to their experience.

  • Increased Speed of Operations

    Apply best practice configuration every time through templated roll outs to give your teams the flexibility to schedule activity when best suits you, minimising downtime for the business.

  • Protecting Your Teams

    Provide robust defences against potential malicious attacks on your business with updates from world leading threat intelligence teams. Benefit from live information coming direct into your business. Keeping your teams protected from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

  • Keeping Your Business Compliant

    You can rest assured that your business data is secure and protected when it travels between systems and locations across your internal and external networks. Minimising any worry of a data breach, its associated brand damage and hefty fines.

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