Your applications are the digital face of your business and ensuring their security and the security of your users is paramount to maintaining brand reputation and customer loyalty.

With the growth in application and collaborative cloud-based development, your environment edge is expanding constantly, the need for complete visibility and security of every potential vulnerability is critical.

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What is Application Security?

To be confident that your applications are secure, you need to consider different elements, ensuring correct access, securing the development, safeguarding the application environment, and fortifying the fabric of the code itself. Each element, although different in style, interconnects to give you full end-to-end visibility and control over your application lifecycle. Each external facing application stands as part of your business perimeter reaching out to your customers, ever expanding the potential threat landscape open for attack. Securing these will protect the entirety of your business.


  • Segmented Access

    Through automated pre-defined policy, securely segment and optimise access to your business applications across your teams, embedding best practice security policy.

  • Cloud Native

    Leverage the industry leading container security products in your private and public cloud environments to scale your applications flexibly and in line with your business development needs.

  • In-Built Code Testing

    Triple check your developed code before it is published to identify flaws and potential vulnerabilities, so they can be addressed before your application is released.

  • Application Development Cycles

    Utilise the latest tools to check and review the life cycle of your applications regardless of where they are hosted. Maintaining complete visibility and security during updates, patches, and rollouts, removing risk to your users and customers.


  • Speed to Market

    With robust application security procedure and policy in place, rest assured that your development teams are remaining compliant when bringing new applications and features to market.

  • Assurance

    With additional tools to check your development code, remove potential human error and opportunities for exploitation when launching new applications.

  • Optimised Operations

    With an automated, best practice policy, you can save time and resources by applying logical segmentation access policies to users across your business.

  • Reputation Protection

    Applications are the gateway to your business and their security and speed impact customer experience and team productivity. Protect your brand and avoid hefty fines and loss of trust from your customers associated with a data breach.

Technology Portfolio
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    Policy and Access

    With leading security products such as Okta and Cisco DUO, you can ensure your business applications are available to the right teams at the right time. Automate pre-defined segmentation rules to ensure the correct access rights are adopted.

  • Laptop and desktop

    Cloud Container Security

    With teams of developers keeping your business competitive and agile, ensure frictionless security across all cloud environments to enable collaborative innovation and growth.

  • Worker on tablet looking at code

    Code Security

    With products such as InsightAppSec, you can ensure that your code is secured across the whole application before it is released. This will protect your applications from potential vulnerabilities, making sure that your brand reputation is not at risk.

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Why Natilik?

With internal DevOps teams working around the clock, the application security products we advocate have the Natilik team’s internal seal of approval. Understanding the rapid rate of growth and cloud consumption trends, Natilik has tried and tested the solutions first-hand to ensure that we only offer you the best security tools for your business.  

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