Your business relies on your systems, data and devices being connected and keeping your environment secure. With a portfolio of infrastructure security vendors and solutions, Natilik will help you to navigate the complex world of multi-vendor security and build a technology stack that aligns with your business goals, with maximum protection and minimal noise.

Stretching from network access control and policy management, to firewalls and edge security, no stone is left unturned when provisioning the best in class solutions for your business and teams. 

Rest assured that you are protected against incidents, breaches and data losses that could lead to hefty fines and brand damage.

What is Enterprise Workplace Security?

Your workplace is changing, from the traditional wired printers, desktops and network components of a traditional office to the agile, widespread world of a cloud and remote based environment. Your businesses approach to security is unique to you, visibility and control of your security information is kept close to your chest. In the wrong hands this information could unravel your business in minutes and put your data, teams, customers, and brand in jeopardy.

Each security team will have their own preferences towards a single or multi-vendor strategy when considering the technology to secure their workplace. There is no right or wrong answer, security is not a one size fits all solution, and securing your workplace is an ever-evolving challenge. Natilik will work with you to design and implement the best combination of agile, simple and robust security products and services that will protect your business now and as it adapts and grows.


  • Proactive Quarantine

    Quarantine compromised endpoints on your workplace network automatically with policy enforcements that proactively restrict access before an incident causes damage to your business.

  • Enhanced Visibility

    Robust workplace security allows your teams to see the users, hosts, applications, files, mobile devices, virtual environments, threats, and vulnerabilities that exist in your business. So, they can defend and remediate against them in your constantly changing environment.

  • Scalable

    Well-designed security architecture allows your teams to add and remove devices, infrastructure, and users with no disruption to business as usual. Plus, it can be automated with best practice configuration already built in.

  • Ease of Management

    Security can be managed centrally with holistic visibility across all connections, locations and devices. This insight allows your business to provision resources correctly to ensure consistent and secure experiences for your users and customers.


  • Consistent Business Performance

    Real time visibility into your environment allows for your teams to rapidly respond and react with minimal impact to the business keeping your teams operating business as usual.

  • Increased Speed of Operations

    Apply best practice configuration every time through templated roll outs that give your teams flexibility to schedule activity when best suits your business to minimise downtime.

  • Protecting Your Hardware

    Provide robust defences against malicious attacks towards your business with updates from world leading threat intelligence teams with live information sent direct to your security team. Keeping you protected from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

  • Keeping Your Business Compliant

    Rest assured that your business data is secure and protected when it travels between systems and locations across your internal and external networks. Removing any worry of a data breach, its associated brand damage and hefty fines.

Technology Portfolio
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    Firewalls are a key component of your security portfolio, preventing breaches automatically to keep your business moving. Working with other security products, firewalls give deep visibility of traffic going in, out and around your network. Built to be the first line of defence; ensure you are protected by the best, with advanced features and functionality powered by global threat intelligence organisations.

  • Tablet

    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

    As the edge of your workplace network increases with the growth of devices, sites, and remote working, ensure that best practice security policy is automatically kept up to date, rolled out and patched to protect your business. Remove the time spent on heavy repetitive tasks by giving your teams the power to template policy, segmentation and configuration to provision any new devices that connect to your network.

  • Laptop

    End Point Security

    Your network is made up of an ever-growing edge of endpoints, so you need to be able to block malicious activity such as malware trying to enter your network in real time. Using detection engines, one-to-one signature matching, machine learning, and fuzzy fingerprinting, your teams can see the contextualised analysis of files at point of entry to catch known and unknown malware. The result? Faster time to detection and automatic protection.

Natilik Front Desk
Why Natilik for Enterprise Workplace Security?

Natilik will work with you to design, deploy, and develop a security solution that best meets your business needs. With edge growth and the threat landscape evolving constantly, you can feel confident that you have the best security infrastructure to defend your workplace, whatever shape it takes.  With simplistic management and time saving automation built in, the right security solution will allow the freeing up of resources giving your teams flexibility to innovate and develop, reassured the business is secure.  

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