To protect your business, you need the best security talent and skills on hand keeping an eye on your environment 24 hours a day.

Natilik can help you navigate the options and build solutions that bolster and reinforce your security posture with world leaders in threat intelligence, proactive threat hunting and globally renowned security operations centres (SOCs). Together, we can build a security stack that leverages best in class expertise and brings that knowledge, insight, analytics, and protection where it matters most within your business.

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What is Secure Insight?

Gaining secure insight and having greater visibility of the vulnerabilities and threats that can attack your environment will enable you to act on the information rapidly to stop or reduce damage to your business. Detecting and responding to security threats can be a very time consuming and laborious task that requires expert skills from a team of researchers, investigators, detectives, and responders. The threat landscape is forever changing, and your business, data, assets and teams can be under attack from different styles of malicious threats daily. That is why at Natilik our security portfolio is powered by world-leading threat intelligence teams that update, inform and proactively remediate against any new and emerging attackers to protect your business.

Benefit from detection and response tools that are powered by threat intelligent teams across the globe. Utilising their vast visibility and scope to learn attackers’ behaviours and trends before they reach you, the teams design strategies and playbooks that can respond and remediate automatically to be instantly deployed across your business with a single click. 


  • Detection

    Leverage the latest integrated cloud security ecosystem capabilities with best-practice methodologies, distinctive intelligence, and cutting-edge integrations to analyse every piece of data, at every point of entry to your environment, to catch known and unknown threats. This holistic approach achieves faster detection and automatic protection from security threats, keeping your business secure.

  • Predictive threat analytics

    With a combined approach using data insights, machine learning and behavioural modelling you can benefit from correlated data that identifies threats from anomalies, trends and global knowledge to best protect your business. This threat intelligence enables teams to contextualise and prioritise the urgency of the threats and their impact on your business.
    Keep your edge secure with integrated network security solutions that help your IT teams gain valuable insights into traffic flows and activity at your perimeter.

  • Simplified investigation

    Bring together your threat intelligence information to contextualise events for your teams to quickly and effectively investigate. Utilise pre-defined playbooks and automated scripts to respond instantly and stay ahead of the attackers each time.

  • Compliance Visibility and Monitoring

    Integrations across your enterprise security portfolio ensure the end-to-end visibility of timestamped detection logs, response, quarantine, and remediation to reassure your stakeholders that all bases are covered. Remove the pain of lengthy audits by being able to provide full network and security audit trails and reports for forensic investigations and regulatory bodies.


  • Protect Your Business

    Power your teams with real-time information on the latest trends, attacks, and threats to protect your critical data automatically and respond to threats fast. Have a wealth of information at your fingers tips that can inform and shape your security strategy in line with your business needs and growth.

  • Increased Business Decision Making Speed

    Make better business decisions by being more informed with detailed threat intelligence that is contextualised across your whole environment, enabling your teams to provide rapid incident response and remediation.

  • Leverage the Best in the World

    Apply the knowledge, expertise and intelligence of global experts and equip your security defences with advanced machine learning and best practice that constantly evolves to threats. Inform your teams so they can keep your business and solutions robust against attackers.

  • Keep Your Business Compliant

    Quickly quarantine and isolate threats, malicious activity, files, or attackers to protect from theft, damage, and disruptions, whilst maintaining a complete event log ready for investigation and auditing.

Technology Portfolio
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    Anti-Malware Protection

    Anti-malware protection uses global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing, and real-time malware blocking to prevent breaches to your environment. Powered by global experts who analyse millions of malware samples and terabytes of data per day who push that intelligence into your environment. This intelligence then correlates files, telemetry data, and file behaviour against a context-rich knowledge base to proactively defend against known and emerging threats. Advanced sandboxing capabilities perform automated static and dynamic analysis of files against more than 700 behavioural indicators to uncover stealthy threats. Helping your security team to understand, prioritise, and block sophisticated attacks. Once a file enters your network, the anti-malware software continues to watch, analyse, and record its activity, regardless of the file's disposition. If malicious behaviour is spotted later, it sends your security team a retrospective alert that tells them where the malware came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing, so that in a few clicks, you can contain and remediate it.

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    Incident Response

    Quickly address the most pressing concerns to your business and dynamically isolate attackers to protect your assets. Leverage a team of global experts who design real-time strategies and playbooks to identify the root cause of underlying issues and remediate them fast. Employing proactive vulnerability hunting helps you identify, address and take action against existing adversaries within your network, before they have a chance to have a malicious impact.

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    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

    Centralise, search, and visualise your security data to help you spot risks across your network, with a SIEM that intuitively collects and collates data into a contextualised platform for your teams to action. With built-in expertise and threat intelligence that is updated in real-time from leading SOC analysts, your security teams are empowered with the latest information to take quick action to protect your environment. Combined with out-of-the-box detections, visual timelines, and advanced behavioural analytics, your teams can view and analyse your data holistically, resulting in greater context, visibility and improved speed to action.

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    Security Operations Centre (SOC)

    Security resources and expertise are in high demand, by engaging with a SOC you can gain a world-class ‘extension’ to your team that has the latest and greatest threat detection and response technology at their fingertips. Feel secure knowing that you are covered 24/7 by a proactive solution that monitors and addresses any threats no matter the time of day, all without the need for heavy hardware or software costs.

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Why Natilik for Secure Insight?

Natilik will work with you to design, deploy, and develop a security solution that meets your business needs. Take advantage of award-winning partnerships at the highest level, with the world’s leading threat insight detection and response providers, to extend and enhance your team’s capabilities and vision. Natilik will help to educate, consult, and equip your security experts with the latest real-time intelligence and best practice playbooks to protect your business instantly against the latest malicious threats from around the globe.

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