Palo Alto Networks’ security technologies give 77,000 enterprise customers the ability to protect billions of people worldwide.

Palo Alto Networks’ mission is to be your cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life and striving to provide the technology your teams need to improve competitiveness and increase security in our rapidly changing world.

Innovation is at the heart of what Palo Alto Networks do. You need speed and agility to compete effectively. Speed requires simplicity and simplicity requires three things: visibility and control, tightly integrated controls and analytics that drive automated action.

As you secure the network, Palo Alto Networks continue to redefine the next-generation firewall, adding additional capabilities to the platform.

As you secure the cloud, Palo Alto Networks provide secure access for devices in any location, retail sites, branches, mobile, medical devices, and even oil rigs in the North Sea.

Additionally, the platform secures access to SaaS applications and provides consistent visibility, compliance and control across public cloud workloads.

Having been partners since 2018, Natilik and Palo Alto Networks have had global success, which has led to Natilik becoming a Platinum Partner.

As part of the partnership, Natilik and Palo Alto Networks keep some of the top financial services and law firms secure 24/7. Together, with an honest and meticulous approach, Natilik and Palo Alto Networks share the core values of putting the client’s needs first and leaving no stone unturned when addressing malicious threats. With a robust portfolio of products, combined with Natilik’s award-winning security expertise, this partnership ensures you are in safe hands.

With award-winning expertise and Palo Alto Networks accreditations, the Natilik security team confidently deliver the best solutions and security architecture designed to bring simplicity and agility to your security teams.

By combining over 20 years in the industry and Palo Alto Networks’ pedigree in the cybersecurity space, Natilik help you protect your business, data and people and enable you to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape. Trusted globally, Natilik’s 24/7 support and dedicated Service Delivery Management teams are committed to delivering customer service excellence to your business.

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Palo Alto Networks Accreditations
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