is the projected CAGR of global IP traffic over the next five years.


the number of devices projected to be connected to IP networks by 2021.


is the staggering growth rate of global mobile data traffic last year.

More devices, an exponential growth in media-rich content and the growing trend of mobility are all posing new and different challenges to those who manage the enterprise network.

We help our clients to continually assess their converged wired and wireless network and put in place the solutions that deliver increased capacity, flexibility, security and control while leveraging the latest SDN capabilities to simplify network management.


Natilik provide the market-leading Cisco solutions for routing, switching and wireless Access to enable our clients to deliver a highly resilient, scalable and secure enterprise network. Our experts are able to assess your current environment, identifying potential issues, areas of optimisation and help you make informed decisions on future investment.


Natilik provide the full range of Meraki Cloud Managed Networking solutions including switching, routing and wireless access points that are ideal for regional offices, branches or stores. Cisco Meraki provides an enterprise-class networking solution with simplified deployment and centralised configuration and management from the Meraki Cloud Dashboard.


We are helping our clients leverage the value of the Software Defined Network (SDN). Through leveraging the rich APIs that Cisco provides, our clients are able to create the programmable network and automate many previously labour-intensive configuration and management tasks, as well as seamlessly integrate with security and load-balancing applications.


With a deep understanding of SDN and SD-WAN technologies Natilik is able to provide solutions that optimise data connectivity across your remote locations. We do this by utilising intelligent software that routes traffic based on application and best performing connection, whether that be a traditional WAN path or a direct internet connection.


At Natilik, we help our clients fully leverage their Cisco wireless network to support guest access, deliver a personalised experience to end-users and gain unprecedented insight into user access and usage based on location services.