Securing your data has been a top priority for your teams over the past few years. As malicious attacks increase, a robust and resilient security architecture must be designed to protect your data centre whether it resides on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Incorporate the physical security of your on-premise data centre into your data security strategy with industry leading sensors and cameras built with environmental analytics to enhance your visibility of your data security.

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What is Data Centre Security?

Your data centre stores all of your business insight, customer data, competitive IP and sensitive business information and is comprised of networked computers and storage, be it on premise or in the cloud. Protecting this data from malicious attack, being held to ransom, being tampered with, or being lost is critical to your businesses future. From encryption of travelling data and visibility, to perimeter security, access control and environmental data centre security tools, ensure the safety and protection of your data, both digitally and physically.


  • Encryption

    Make sure your data is encrypted when it leaves the safety of your data centre and travels across your internal and external networks. Solid encryption can reassure you that your data is protected when it is outside of your control.

  • Intelligent Threat Protection

    Utilise the world’s leading threat hunting intelligence teams to protect your data centre, operating 24/7 to quickly detect, block, and react to malicious attacks before they breach your business.

  • Workload Protection

    Dramatically simplify your application workload security across multi-environments by applying a zero-trust approach using automated whitelist policies and multidimensional workload protection. Utilise behavioural segmentation to assess potential threats and react and remediate quickly.

  • Environmental Data

    Being able to monitor the changes in your physical data centre environment is critical to enable you to react quickly to any harmful fluctuations in temperature or humidity as well as water leaks, excessive movement or vibrations and unauthorised access.


  • Regulatory Compliance

    Work with Natilik to ensure your data centre complies with leading industry standards (such as ISO 27001) and regulations (PCI & HIPAA). Considering your possible varied and mixed environments to safeguard your data as it moves between private and public networks and clouds, to ensure you are always consistent and compliant.

  • Remote Management

    Remove the need to provision staff to protect your physical data centre sites or server rooms with the latest portfolio of Meraki sensors built to deliver visibility across the physical environmental factors that could disrupt and damage the structural integrity of your hardware. Be able to raise alerts, manage systems and react quickly when fluctuations occur without the cost of on-site resources.

  • End to End Visibility

    Connect your data centre security with your network, end user and application monitoring solutions to create a powerful technology stack that gives you eyes across your whole business. Extend visibility to the edge and help identify and quarantine threats before they reach your data centre. Rapidly inform your teams of potential vulnerabilities and the capability to detect unusual behaviour.

  • Protect Your Business IP

    Feel reassured that the secrets to your business success and brand reputation are safe from data breaches and data loss with a comprehensive solution that is made up of industry leading products and services encompassing everything from perimeter firewall security to application segmentation.

Technology Portfolio
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    On-Prem Digital Data Centre Security

    With a full portfolio of Cisco and Palo Alto security products, Natilik can design and deploy security architecture to protect your on premise data centre that can be centrally managed and configured by your teams. Built to incorporate future growth and migration trends, equip your business with technology that adapts to its needs. With products such as Cisco Tetration, Firepower and Stealthwatch alongside the Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access portfolio, you can ensure robust protection of your data centre environments.

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    Public Cloud Data Centre Security

    As your team’s consumption of cloud applications and services increases, so does the perimeter you need to secure. Harness the agility and speed of cloud data centre technology securely with cloud native products and simple platforms that span both your cloud, hybrid and on-premise environments. Support your development teams by protecting the transition of workloads and the peaks and troughs of cloud data requirements.

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    Physical Data Centre Security

    Work with the Natilik team to design a secure environment for your physical on premise data centre from the Meraki sensor and camera portfolio. Give your teams real time access to temperature, humidity, vibration, water leaks and intruder alert data. Contextualise and respond rapidly to any potential threats that may damage or affect your data centre infrastructure.

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Why Natilik for Data Centre Security?

With a vast portfolio of data centre security vendors and solutions, the Natilik experts will help you to navigate the complex world of multi-vendor and multi-domain data centre security. So, you can build a technology stack that ensures frictionless growth with overarching protection. 

Partnering Together
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