of execs cite lack of collaboration or inefficient communication as the main source of workplace failure.


is the relative productivity gap between the UK and the average of the rest of the G7 countries.


of business leaders believe video enables richer, more productive relationships.

Collaboration is instrumental in driving productivity, innovation and business agility.

At Natilik, we help our clients to create highly collaborative physical and virtual workplaces. We do this with a comprehensive range of collaboration solutions from Cisco that combines voice, video and messaging to enable people, teams and businesses to communicate more effectively.

These capabilities enable collaboration from any device in any location and can be deployed as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution.



Cisco is moving all their award-winning Cisco Webex collaboration solutions into one easy to use, unified app that will enable you to turn on the tools that your users need- whether it is calling, messaging, meetings or all of the above. If you would like to enable your users and teams to be more productive and manage their day in a more effective way, using the tools they need, reach out to the Natilik team for expert support.


We enable our clients to improve workforce productivity by enabling rich collaboration from any location across a vast range of devices. Utilising Cisco Unified Communications Manager we are able to provide a consistent user experience across Endpoint, PC, Tablet and Smartphone that delivers voice, video, presence and instant messaging.


At Natilik, we help our clients with their journey to the cloud. All of our collaboration solutions can be deployed on-premise or consumed as a cloud service or hybrid solution. This enables our clients to select the consumption model that best meets their requirements while ensuring that every option is kept open. For more information on our Cloud Collaboration offering, click here to read the infographic.


We believe in making conferencing both accessible and intuitive. Natilik provides a range of conferencing capabilities from voice services fully integrated into your Cisco Unified Communication Manager through to Cisco WebEx, the market-leading cloud-based web conferencing service for meetings, events, training and support. We help our clients create a collaborative environment by blending the capabilities of voice, web conferencing and video.


From Cognitive Collaboration to Screen Blur and Replacement capabilities, there are a number of exciting additions coming up on the Webex roadmap. If you’re interested in gaining exclusive insight, trials and demos of all the live and upcoming Webex feature updates, then click here to register your interest.


Virtual events and webinars are becoming increasingly common, and it’s important that your business is able to deliver the same exceptional experiences and outcomes that your customers have come to expect of live events. Natilik provides a range of virtual event solutions, from Webex Meetings to Webex Events Centre, all of which have built-in integration for streaming to Vbrick, Facebook and IBM video.

Or, if you’re looking to stream your events to an even wider audience across Social Media, Webex Events now enables you to send video, audio and share streams to any target streaming solutions including YouTube, Periscope for Twitter, Workplace for Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Click here to read our ‘Choosing The Right Platform For Your Virtual Event’ blog for a breakdown on each platform available from Natilik, their key benefits and how Natilik can support you to flip your events digitally.


We help our clients fully embrace video and make it an integral part of their workplace and how they collaborate. We achieve this through a broad range of solutions and end-points that deliver high-definition, in-person experiences to the boardroom, the huddle room, the desktop, the mobile and the browser. We make video accessible, practical and a differentiator for the business. For more information around how huddle spaces from Natilik and Cisco significant value in a noise free, creative and productive environment, click here to read our huddle space blog.


With Cisco Webex Teams we help our clients take collaboration to the next level by combining voice, video and team messaging into a single environment – a place where content is shared, context is preserved and teams can meet when they need to in their own virtual room.

Now with new upcoming features and enhancements on the roadmap, such as seamlessly transferring calls between devices and integration with other messaging clients, the capabilities of Webex Teams are expanding. Get in touch today for an exclusive demo of all the latest updates, hosted by our collaboration experts, and tailored to the requirements of your business.